Countries – My Travel Timeline

June 29, 2019
November 1994


Born in Gujarat, India


My first visit to a foreign country! Although Bhutan shares border with India, it definitely felt like a ‘foreign’ place. Took me 23 years to put steps out of India lol.

Duration: 5 days

December 2017
February 2018


It was a business trip so flights, hotels were covered. On the weekdays I worked and on weekends, I traveled to places on the main island.

Duration: 21 days

United States of America

Moved here to study Masters in Computer Science. USA has been amazing so far! Its developed, modernized yet beautiful!

Duration: Currently here

August 2018
May 2019


Spent 3 days in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. A quick trip.

Duration: 3 days

Bali, Indonesia

After watching all the dope ass travel video of Bali on YouTube, it was time. Our first day in Bali was meh, rest 6 days were absolutely blast.

Duration: 7 days

May 2019
May 2019

Hong Kong

On my return leg from India to USA, I purposefully booked longer and slightly expensive ticket so that I could get to see Hong Kong during layover.

Duration: 8 hours



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