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March 5, 2016

In year 2015 I travelled to scores of places. More places mean more travel posts. 🙂

A compilation of best among them!

I started year with trip to Lothal with Bhavya Gandhi. It was third travelogue overall and received warm responses from colleagues. It gave me head start for rest of the year!

A great start of the year!

Riding Truck - Lothal


I wrote this article casually, jotting down whatever I knew about PNR. These days, it’s ranking pretty good on Google.

PNR Number of Indian Railways


A travel method that I follow for every trip.

TTW - Travel To Write Featured Image


A handy list of hill stations in Gujarat. This post is in the league of most viewed travel articles.

Cover - List of Hill Station In, Near Gujarat


I will remember this place for awesome colorful photographs we took that evening!

Featured image - Ajmal Gadh


Another list! After listing hill stations, it was time for waterfalls.

Featured Image - List of Waterfalls in South Gujarat


A power packed trip with lots of experiences and memories.

Please don’t ask what are we doing in photo! 😛

Polo Forest Idar Vijayanagar - 4


Dang, Gujarat has exotic landscapes. An attempt to capture them in camera.

Heavenly Dang In Frames - Dang Photo Tour - Photo By Rinkesh Chaudhari


The most acclaimed travel article till the date! This exploration of Nadiad was so much fun. One of the best travel projects ever.

Keeping up with number 9, 9diad is 9th in this list too!

Nadiad - Exploring City of Nine, Photos, Travel Places, Tourist Attractions, Lakes of Nadiad, Gujarat

So that was crux of year 2015. Desire of exploration is sure of getting increased year after year!


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