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November 2, 2015

Quora – as they promote themselves – is the best answer to any question. People ask interesting questions and people write interesting answers over there. I too actively use Quora, to amass knowledge of diverse topics and to share what I know by answering questions. I have written about 10 answers on the topic of Dharmsinh Desai University – DDU, as that’s where I’m pursuing B. Tech in Computer Engineering. (Engineering is about to finish now, I’m in last semester, just few months are left!)

This post hosts all the answers, that I’ve written on Quora till now.

Q. What’s the one piece of advice that you want to give to a DDU student?

Always remember number 3.

  • 3 – Chances to recover from atrocious subject. Block. Remedial. Re-remedial.
  • 3 – Things you can’t find anywhere in the campus.
    1. Immaculate drinking water.
    2. Girls in mechanical branch.
    3. And a corner without DDU Connect posters.
  • 3 – Number of lectures you can bunk in a month in a subject. So that your attendance will never dive below 80%.
  • 3 – Types of exams. Internals. Externals. Practicals/Viva. And messing up with any one can suck your SPI.
  • 3 – Lab sessions you can bunk in a semester.
  • 3 – Years you’ll be given to struggle to get a girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • 3 – Internal exams in a semester. Needs no introduction.
  • 3 – Hot places of the campus. Center Foyer (CF), Canteen & Garden. (Suggested by Janki Patel)
  • 3 – Side projects. Do at least 3 projects on your own. It will brighten up your resume.
  • 3 – Sports mainly played at DDU. Cricket,  badminton, table tennis.

Apart from the part of threes, keep in mind:

  • If you’re a fresher, many people will tell you that SPI, your performance in 1st and 2nd semester doesn’t count for future calculations. TOTALLY WRONG. SPI from 1 to 6 semester are taken into consideration for everything. So, prepare well and get good score in your first year.
  • Participate, be a member of every club you can. CSI, DDU Connect, Shutterbugs, Spandan. These extra curricular activities will form connections with diverse group of people.
  • If you’re in CE or IT, learn programming, start programing. Period.
  • If you hate college, faculty or subject, DON’T express it via your Facebook status. Do not. I’ve seen people facing serious issues for their status updates.

Above all, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy your time around!

Q. What are the most memorable experience of internal exam in DDIT?

This answer ain’t as tricksy as those few anonymous’ answer, still at the end,  for me,  it surely is a memorable.

Vocalising Hum Honge Kamiyaab Ek Din prior to the exam paper in the exam hall.

Due to incomplete syllabus I mostly ended up quivering in the exam hall. Then between the time period of answer sheet distribution and question paper distro I used to murmur the song quietly.

It somehow boosted my hope, confidence. And hopefully none of the tests went dreadfully wrong!

You may want to try it out sometimes 🙂

Following incident is from the very first semester. About LOSP (Linux).

In one internal, the paper checker evaluated the answer sheets very strictly. So strictly that very few from the class managed to score above 12. 80% class had marks in a single digit.

I scored 4 marks.

After college that day, conversation with RoomMates,

RM1: Ketla aavya?
Me: Bas 4.

(RM1 claps and praises my performance. Wait! Claps for 4 marks? Something’s not right. )

Me: Kem tare ketla?
RM1: 2.

(Now, RM2 claps and praises RM1 performance.  A round of applause for 2 marks!)

Me and RM1 turned to RM2 to hear his result:
Saalao, tame toh 2 ne 4 lai aavya. Maru toh khatu j nahi khulyu! (He had perfect 0 score!)

Q. What companies come for recruitment in DDIT?

Here’s a list (Sorted in descending  order by no. of placements in 2014) :

  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Reliance
  • iGate Patni
  • GSFC
  • Cybage
  • Sibridge
  • Synoverge
  • e-Infochips
  • Cognizant
  • Zeus Learning
  • Linde
  • IBM
  • ATUL
  • Arthi-Soft
  • xZadium
  • GSPL
  • L & T Infotech

Source: DDU Connect

Q. What are some of your intriguing incidents of lectures/VIVA/practicals in DDU?

A few of ’em!

  • In Viva: Faculty initiates to, ‘So, which topics do you know?’ And I just go..

    It happens, Every. Single. Time.

  • Then, once upon a time in Yoga practical class, I jumped damn high as if someone set fire under me. Frustrated teacher then sets me up on the stage uttering, now show your jumping skills to the whole class!
  • That Eureka! Moment after each successful submission.
  • During a Self Development class, ‘What are some disadvantages of communication?’
    As most of the thoughtful responses have been fired already, I shot out of the blue, ‘Sir, if we speak too much then it can cause mouth cancer.’

Q. Will Felicific’15 of Dharmsinh Desai University be awesome?

In-favour factors:

  1. The technical events are very comprehensive. No department is left behind.
  2. Cultural events are mind blowing. This is the first time I’ve seen such a detailed planning of programs.
  3. Preparation is well ahead. The website was made ready a month before. Campaigning is going well. No stone is left unturned.
  4. Felicific is no longer an infant now. People have at least heard its name.

Against factors:

  1. Students are bored of the college. Overload of academic activities forces them to fly home whenever possible. So their mentality is to consider Felicific as ‘A week long vacation’ rather than participating.
  2. Lectures in the fest. Seriously? This is a huge turn-off. The organizers may have thought that by setting up the lectures, they will be able to keep students in the college campus.
    They are wrong IMO.
    Those who want to go home, will go home irrespective of lectures.
  3. Tiny participation from other colleges. 80-85% of the total participants are of DDIT only. This year also the scene is not likely to be changed.

Coming to your question, Felicific ’15 promises vibrant & exquisite events all the way,  it will definitely be an awesome event till the date.

Q. How many active DDU-ians are there on Quora?

Quora is not much popular in DDU. Facebook and WhatsApp are toppers of that chart.

[Active members: They regularly write quality answers and upvote nice answers.]

Here’re are some of them to my cognition (In no particular order):

And well, you can also add me, Darpan Dodiya to the list!

How did I come up with above DDU Quora celebs?

I unfollowed everyone and started following the Quorans who are pertained to DDU. Then, I observed my feed and jotted down frequent user names. (For ~2 weeks) Visited their profile, read their answers and upon witnessing their elegance, added to this list.

This may not be the complete Wiki however. Do mention the missing Quorans in the comments..

Edit 1 (Parth Rathod):

Edit 2 (Shail Shah):

Edit 3 (Anurag Mittal):

Q. How good are the placements of DDIT, Nadiad in the IT branch?

Almost as good as Computer Engineering department.

TBBH, Computer Department (along with chemical) is the only department that seriously put efforts to get their students placed. It attracts many companies.

That’s where IT comes in. Most companies will consider students of both CE and IT branch equally. That being said, IT students appear in the companies brought by CE.

Last year’s comparison:
CE: 101
IT: 80

So, if you’re good, you’ll get placed for sure.

Ishi Systems
Tech Mahindra

Average range: ~2.8 – 3.5 lacs
Maximum: ~10 lacs
Some companies offer 4 lac, 6 lac too.

Q. Are any sports played at DDU?


But you play only if you want to. No motivation or encouragement from the college. The only exciting event is, sportsweek.

Sports Played

During Normal Days:
Table Tennis
Volleyball (Only if you can gather players)

During Sportsweek:
In addition to above games,

Track and field events:

Sprints – 100m, 200m, 400m
Middle distance – 800m
Relays – 100m x 4
Jumps – Long jump, High jump

Discus throw
Javelin throw

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