Social Media // Creativity

Create more than you consume

I always want to stay creative. I love to do plentiful activities to exercise creative portion of my brain, with photography & filmmaking taking the top spot. Travel helps to fuel it further.

I primarily use Instagram, YouTube and this blog to publish outcome of my ‘create’ process. I find both Instagram and YouTube fantastic to share and document my life.

I have started YouTube very recently so all the videos are still crappy. I’m figuring out my presentation and cinematography skills while trying to reduce backlog of videos. Or in other words, I suck at speaking in front of camera which I’m trying to improve.

Although followers, subscribers, views and likes are very much appreciated, it’s not and will never be my motive. I don’t expect many people to see my photos/videos, if you happen to be the one to “see” them, that’s super cool! Thanks 🙂

I usually have these points in mind when creating content

  • Is it worth someone’s time? In another words, would I watch/view/read if it came across my screen?
  • Highest quality
  • Always original, no reposts or shares
  • Varied, unique and engaging
  • Document my life/experiences in some way
  • No news, politics or affairs. Be meticulously informed, be opinionated but keep it to self.
  • Pleasant, calm vibes

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Now please hit that subscribe and follow button while you’re at it. 😉