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  • Toastmasters Speech 8: When I was a mentee

    Toastmasters Speech 8: When I was a mentee

    A speech after a long time, almost a year. Due to lack of practice, I received feedback that I used many filler words. Something to improve for the next time. Cosmos Toastmasters ClubSeattle WAFriday March 8 2024

  • Presentation After Years! Toastmasters Speech Contests

    I currently serve as an Area Director for Toastmasters Area 71 of Seattle. February is when the speech contest season starts in Toastmasters. One of the clubs in my area was interested in learning more about contests and invited me to give a speech as a guest speaker. It’s been many years since I had…

  • Toastmasters Acronyms

    Acronym Full Form AD Area Director AM Administrative Manager CGD Club Growth Director DD District Director FM Finance Manager IPDD Immediate Past District Director PQD Program Quality Director PRM Public Relations Manager DCP Distinguished Club Program Acronym Full Form VPE Vice President Education VPM Vice President Marketing VPPR Vice President Public Relations For the July…

  • Toastmasters Speech 7: Darpan, speak up.

    Toastmasters Speech 7: Darpan, speak up.

    Image generated by DALL-E / Bing Image Creator Cosmos Toastmasters ClubSeattle, WAFriday, April 14 2023 (Take laptop to podium, plug in headphones. Close laptop, take out headphones.) That was the Zoom meeting last week which lasted 1 hr, had 8 participants and I spoke 3 2 1 0 words in the meeting. It was meeting…

  • Toastmasters Speech 6: Pickleball

    Toastmasters Speech 6: Pickleball

    Cosmos Toastmasters ClubSeattle, WAFriday, April 07 2023 I like to play sports frequently. And I like variety. (hands on bottom) This is my tennis and table tennis expertise level. (hands on top) This is my badminton expertise level. I was wondering, is there any sport that could help with my desire of variety and where…