Interesting Analytics Data: Mobile Devices – June 2016

June 25, 2016

I use Google Analytics on this website. Few lines of JS tracking code collects plethora of visitor information.

One of the matrix of Analytics service is, Mobile – under category of Audience Overview.

It’s quite an interesting section. Let’s have a look at it. I’ve taken sample of 1,00,000 sessions. Mobile industry is volatile, current scores are prone to change. I will compare stakes again after one year.

Most Popular Mobile Devices

Rank Mobile Share (%)
1 Apple iPhone 10.1
2 Google Nexus 5 4.8
3 Apple iPad 1.68
4 Samsung Grand 2 1.47
5 Samsung J7 1.18
6 Samsung Grand Quattro 0.95
7 Lenovo A6000 0.93
8 Samsung Note II 0.89
9 Sony Xperia C 0.80
10 Motorola Moto G2 0.76

Mobile Model Share
Mobile Devices – Click on image to view it in full screen

Apple is leading the board. However, it’s worthwhile to note that Apple iPhone bucket holds – iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Most Popular Mobile Brands

Rank Brand Share (%)
1 Samsung 25.11
2 Apple 10.97
3 Google 5.41
4 Micromax 5.25
5 Sony 4.68
6 Lenovo 4.45
7 Motorola 4.33
8 Xiomi 4.02
9 HTC 3.13
10 Nokia 2.63

Mobile Brand Share
Mobile Brands – Click on image to view it in full screen

Share of Samsung + Apple ≅ Share of all other brands combined.

Most Popular Mobile OS

Rank OS Share (%)
1 Android 83.2
2 iOS 10.9
3 Windows 2.7
4 Samsung 0.53
5 Blackberry 0.50
6 SymbianOS 0.25
7 Nokia 0.23
8 Series40 0.03
9 Bada 0.02
10 Firefox 0.02

Mobile OS Share
Mobile OS- Click on image to view it in full screen

Android is the king!

If we move go back in time to June 2006, Nokia would be sitting on throne, with over 80% share.

RIP Nokia.

Most Popular Browsers

Rank Browser Share (%)
1 Chrome 53.68
2 UC Browser 13.65
3 Firefox 7.34
4 Safari 6.50
5 Opera Mini 6.24
6 Android Browser 5.10
7 Internet Explorer 3.43
8 Opera 2.05
9 Safari (In-app) 0.46
10 Nokia Browser 0.37

Mobile Browser Share
Mobile Browsers – Click on image to view it in full screen

Data is combination of both mobile and desktop browsers.

Now that Chrome comes pre installed as default browser in Android devices, its share will only soar up. UC Browser at second spot surprising to me. Last time when I used it, it was heavily bloated and full of spam.

Whenever I see browser comparison, I always remember 😀 :

Internet Explorer Troll


Featured photo credits: mindsea.com

Bye. See you in June 2017 for next update on these numbers…



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