• Hike Checklist

    Hike Checklist

  • Reasons for not switching to iPhone – 2022

    Reasons for not switching to iPhone – 2022

    I’ve started using M1 MacBook Air — and oh boy! Coming from Intel + Lenovo + Windows machine, this feels a whole new world. The performance is top notch, battery life is seemingly unlimited and the build quality of the machine is unparalleled. This Apple product experience led me to get a used iPhone 12 […]

  • Toastmasters Speech 1 : Consistency

    Toastmasters Speech 1 : Consistency

    2/11/2022 – Friday Consistency: How I transformed myself from fat to fit. As part of 2022 goal of mine to improve my public speaking skills, I have joined Cosmos Toastmasters Club. This is my first ever speech in the club. Thank you for the introduction Toastmaster. Hello everyone, happy Friday! As mentioned in the introduction […]

  • Hawaii Solo Trip Thoughts/Notes

    Hawaii Solo Trip Thoughts/Notes

    I traveled to the island of Maui, Hawaii for about 2 weeks in November 2021. I like to keep notes of interesting experiences and thoughts. Most of them are scary experiences though as they leave lasting memory in head. Here’s assortment of them in no particular order or theme: In my Airbnb there was a […]

  • Why I Travel Solo?

    Why I Travel Solo?

    I was on a hike yesterday when I wondered, why do I like to travel solo these days. At that time, the short conclusion that “because that’s what I enjoy!” As I reached home I thought it would be fun to write down my thoughts as of September 2021 to why I travel solo. Few […]