Toastmasters Speech 5: So I went to Canada

Cosmos Toastmasters Club
Seattle, WA
Friday, March 31 2023

So I went to Canada, and several things happened.


As an immigrant, I am always scared of crossing borders because of immigration officer. Needless to say, I was nervous crossing the Canada border too.

Officer: Passport please.

I hand it over.

Officer: Where do you stay back there?

Darpan: I’m Software Engineer

Officer: I said where do you live?

My heartbeat jumped through the roof. Darpan, Darpan focus.

Darpan: I’m sorry, I live in Redmond

Officer: Where are you heading to?

Darpan: To Vancouver.

Officer: Have a good stay.

Canadians are friendly

Driving across the border, I was excited. It was my 12th country and I couldn’t wait to explore it. I put up a podcast to listen about Canada, culture-people-history. I could extract an overall theme that Canadians are very friendly.

Ok. Good.

Until I reach to my friends apartment and I realize that my phone network is gone.

I approached a car nearby to quickly borrow phone so that I can call my friend. As I approach, off goes the car.

2nd person, “Oh no sorry, I don’t have a phone with me”

3rd person, “Oh no sorry, I don’t have time with me”

I managed to get in.

The landscapes story

Canadian landscapes are beautiful. The city of Vancouver has unmatched urban scenery. And I couldn’t stop singing praises about Indian food.

The 5 days I spent there, for the most part, were uneventful.

The elevator story

Until the last day…

My friend and I were returning to his apartment from breakfast. We called elevator, it came down and you won’t believe this — my friend dropped apartment keys through the elevator crack.

Fun times yeah.

Fortunately for us, the building maintenance personnel were present for a routine maintenance.

Remember what I said about Canadians being friendly? Turns out they really are. They helped us retrieve the keys.

The immigration back story

Now it was time to cross border again and get back to US.

My friend was also moving to US with me so we had lots of luggage in my car.

At the immigration counter, the officer didn’t even bother to check passports or ask us anything.

“Guys, turn on your blinkers and head to secondary inspection.”

What do you have in your car?

Fruits? Nope

Vegetables? Nope

Alcohol drugs? Nope”

My friend and I reunite while the car inspection was in progress.

I ask my friend, ”Hey bro, we don’t have any fruits or veggies in the car right?”

“Umm…I might have Apple back there.”

“Ok…how about alcohol?”

“Yeah…I brought 2 bottles of wine.”


I was scared thinking to myself that I was going straight to jail after that.

Thank God my lucky stars nothing happened and I am here still giving these speeches.

Thank you.





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