The Exposures

I love capturing moments.

Well, for the record, I’m neither a photography geek, nor a ‘FirstName LastName Photography’ Facebook page admin. Whenever objects, people and scenes around interest me, I shoot them.

Most of the photos these days are from Nikon D5300 DSLR. Rest are from phone, OnePlus 3T.

I generally post photos on Instagram on a weekly basis. You can follow me at: @darpandodiya

Want to become pro photographer? I wrote an article explaining the essential terms, techniques and tricks here. The article is just 3 minute read, it will be a fun ride. Read now.

Photography Profiles:




5 responses to “The Exposures”

  1. Ghanshyam singh Avatar
    Ghanshyam singh

    very nice.

  2. Bhavya Gandhi Avatar
    Bhavya Gandhi

    Nice clicks,dude !! Indeed, a pro photographer !!

  3. Ankita Kevadiya Avatar
    Ankita Kevadiya

    Hey..I seen your all images which is captured by you….all are very fine really….and One another thing is that you are like a professional photographer…..great photography skills in you….keep it up…

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Sure, I’ll. 🙂

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