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Be nice to that delivery guy.

June 11, 2016

Be nice to that delivery guy. Respect them for their service.

A couple of incidents in recent time have changed my mindset about delivery guys.


It was late in night when I returned from work, I was hungry and tired. Ordered food online.

Delivery boy called me up asking for exact location. Mind wasn’t in peaceful condition, so I asked him why doesn’t he use Maps an told him to look it up in phone GPS.

And he replied,

Sir, it’s raining heavily outside and I can’t use phone. Internet is not working properly. I’m using headset right now to talk with you.


I felt pretty bad for self for behaving hardly to him. Quickly, I empathized with him and guided till he reached doorstep.

Digital navigation is hard on 2-wheeler.

Delivery boy in India - Be nice


Second incident is also related to ordering online. Learning from the incident 1, I directed delivery boy nicely. The order contained two servings of buttermilk — which he forgot to bring for us.

He apologized for the err and as I wouldn’t be left hungry if I wouldn’t have received buttermilk, I told him that its alright for me. I won’t have any issues.

He left…and after 10 minutes I found him knocking door again!

I was surprised to see him with two packets of buttermilk! I asked why. I had already told him not to worry about the missing items. Then why?

He replied,

“You might have called to customer care and complained about items that I forgot to bring. They would have summoned me and asked me for reason. In all, it might have been a lot of pain for me which I don’t want to deal with. Thus, I went to market and bought these from my pocket.”

Unexpected event it was. I wrapped up by giving him tip that reflected in his big goodbye smile.. 🙂

Point being, delivery is a hard job.

Be nice! Respect them! 🙂

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