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Ajwa Nimeta Garden, Vadodara – Spend Weekend Evening With Musical Fountains

February 9, 2016
Ajwa Nimeta garden is an excellent destination to spend leisure weekend near Vadodara. Ajwa Nimeta's USP is row of musical fountains which makes an evening vibrant and colorful as ever. My trip to Ajwa Nimeta musical fountains materialised in very last semester of B.Tech in Computer Engineering. Though, during school trips too, Ajwa Nimeta had always been a stop. Ajwa garden is for people of all ages. Kids can play cheerfully and oldies can soothe themselves watching their grandchildren have fun. :) Sharing experiences of my trip to Ajwa Nimeta Gardens...

The 5 Music Videos That Rejuvenate Me Every Time

November 21, 2014
Compilation of several most inspirational music videos. They energize me everytime I watch. Their lyrics are jubilant, unassailable and vivacious. Plug in your headphones and regenerate yourself.