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DDU On Quora

November 2, 2015
uora - as they promote themselves - is the best answer to any question. People ask interesting questions and people write interesting answers over there. I too actively use Quora, to amass knowledge of diverse topics and to share what I know by answering questions. I have written about 10 answers on the topic of Dharmsinh Desai University - DDU, as that's where I'm pursuing B. Tech in Computer Engineering. (Engineering is about to finish now, I'm in last semester, just few months are left!) This post hosts all the answers, that I've written on Quora till now.

You Don’t Need To Have A Better Camera To Take Better Pictures

September 18, 2015
Few days back, I was asked to answer a question on Quora by Sagar Dhadnekar. The question was: Photography: What are the best examples to prove that you don't need to have a better camera to take better pictures? Within hours, the answer received upvotes in thousands. Sharing the answer here.