Shree Mai Mata Mandir Nadiad Photos - Places to Visit in Nadiad [14]

The Big List of Places to Visit In/Near Nadiad

I pursued my B. Tech in Computer Engineering from DDIT, Nadiad. That allowed me to spend good 4 years in Nadiad.

I’m an explorer, I like roaming around looking for sights. It goes without saying that I explored Nadiad city to its fullest. Below is a big list of places to visit while you’re in Nadiad.

  1. Canal Road in Winter Mornings
  2. NE1 Over-bridge in night
  3. Santram Deri
  4. Santram Mandir (Yes, Mandir and Deri both are different)
  5. Pij Lake & Swaminarayan Temple
  6. Mai Mandir

This post in not a full length. I will add more content in photos in upcoming days.





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