Shiv Ghat Waterfalls, Ahwa Dangs (Small Fall)

May 23, 2016

Shiva Ghat is 10 minutes from Ahwa, Dang district headquarters. No extra driving efforts are needed to visit this fall as it falls directly on the Ahwa – Waghai road. The name Shiva comes from the temple nearby the fall.

Now, Shiv Ghat place exactly a waterfall. It’s just a small water stream falling. As the place is located on the main road, tourists stop their vehicles at this place.

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Location: 10 km from Ahwa

Water Flow: June – January

Accessibility: Easy

Tourist Rush: Average

Food: None and Not Required

Reaching to Bottom: Possible

Shiv Ghat, Ahwa (Small Fall) - List of Waterfalls in South Gujarat

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