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Reasons for not switching to iPhone – 2022

I’ve started using M1 MacBook Air — and oh boy! Coming from Intel + Lenovo + Windows machine, this feels a whole new world. The performance is top notch, battery life is seemingly unlimited and the build quality of the machine is unparalleled.

This Apple product experience led me to get a used iPhone 12 Pro Max and see if it makes sense for me to switch to iPhone to be in the Apple eco-system. I’ve been Android user since forever and I consider myself as power user of Android. These are the reasons why I did not make switch from my current Samsung Note 10.

Unavailability of a critical finance app on iOS

I use ExpenseIQ to track my expenses. This app has critical financial data since 2014 and its not available on iOS. I can start fresh on iOS with a new service or app to track my finances, but I can’t let go the historical data of my finances.

No USB Type-C

I’ve most of my electronics to USB Type-C to avoid carrying extra cables and adapters. I don’t want to deal with lightening connector.

No custom launcher

I use Nova Launcher on Android, with heavily customized workflows and shortcuts. Custom launchers are not available on iOS.

No YouTube Vanced / NewPipe / AdBlockers

YouTube Vanced is a modded YouTube player that enables ad-free YouTube, background play and truly black theme. Essentially, YouTube Premium but for free. NewPipe is similar to YouTube Vanced, it allows downloads for offline viewing. Samsung Internet browser has extension to enable no-ads. as private DNS. None of these are available on iOS. Moreover with no YouTube Premium, I save $100 / year.

Bad notifications management

Android has powerful notifications management system, I’ve tuned my preferences so that I get 0 unwanted notifications on my phone. iOS has terrible system.

No S-Pen style stylus support

I use Samsung Note 10, which has S-Pen. I often use it to take impromptu notes or draw my thoughts. It is also useful while editing videos. This eliminates use case of having separate tablet.

Lack of customizations

I am a power user of Android. Especially Samsung provides a lot of ways to customize your phone. I’ve custom swipes enabled to operate my phone with one hand. Custom system wide equalizer. Custom Always-On-Display that has 3 timezone clocks. Custom keyboard. Custom navigation menu.

Such customizations are simply not possible with iOS.

Lack of file management

Samsung’s built-in file manager is powerful enough to pretty much all file management operations. This is particularly useful connecting to Sony Mirrorless / GoPro / DJI Drone. Just connect via USB Type-C and all files are on the phone ready to be used without copying.

Lack of side loading apps

Though the only apps that I’ve sideloaded are YouTube Vanced / FDroid and NewPipe, having the option to sideload any thirdparty app is good. I do not want to be in walled garden of App Store.





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