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[Guide] Disable/Uninstall/Remove Bixby from Samsung Phones

February 27, 2020
A few months back, I added shiny new Samsung Galaxy S9+ to my gadget list. [Yaay! :D] While Samsung flagships are known for their build quality, looks, camera, display et cetera, Samsung is notorious for adding unnecessary bloatware on their phones. One of such bloatwares that comes pre-installed is their virtual assistant Bixby and its related services. Hell, they even added a physical button for the same. 

Logging & Monitoring Life: The Smartphone Way

April 15, 2016
When I was in 10th standard I thought of keeping track of my preparations and started writing a diary. Back then I used to log major daily events, study progress & happenings in a full scape notebook. Over the span of years I realized the importance of logs and started monitoring a few more affairs. Now, I use my phone to supervise everything. In this post, I'd share how exactly I do all these things with my Xiomi Redmi 1S Android device.

Web Hosting : In Layman’s Terms

January 13, 2016
"What are these charges?" Mom asked me looking at bank statement. "They are of hosting and domain name renewal charges." I tried to explain. "Hain? What's that?" Mom asked raising eyebrows. At that time, I couldn't come up with an easy-non technical explanation that mom could understand. Somedays later, I came across an infographic, that has explained web related terminologies in so intuitive way that anyone could grasp. I iterated the easy explanation to mom, she looked pretty convinced! So, that brings down to the point of this post, web related terminologies - in laymen's terms.
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Online For A Year! – My Learnings, Experiences, Analysis and Plans

September 9, 2015
Soooo, it's been a great year! I started this blog cum website in last August, completing a year in the last week. The analytics show that I've received 98, 392 total page views till the moment. Close to 1 lac! In this post, I will share the insights. Insights like, the problems I encountered, some intriguing stories, learning experiences and future plans. Keep calm and read on! :)
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IFTTT – Automate Your Life, Let The Internet Do Work For You

October 3, 2014
IFTTT or 'If This Then That' is a web service that automates various internet tasks using triggers and actions. It aggregates many web apps into one place and can then execute actions given a specific set of criteria. IFTTT makes the web both scrumptious and ridiculously powerful, and I am going to show you how to brew up some deliciously useful recipes, as well as highlight some awesome IFTTT tasks that others have already created.