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Nutrition Plan

This is a follow-up post to my recent Instagram posts at @darpan.visuals

There was a lot of interest in the specifics about my diet so I thought of creating this note. Please note that this plan is when I was in cut phase and was losing fat. During the phase, my calorie target was ~1700 calories per day. Now I’m out of that phase and the diet has changed, mainly I eat ~2000 calories.

This is what worked for me

I want to emphasize that this is what I followed, I liked and what worked for me. I keep switching up things as I iterate in the process. There are thousand other approaches which could work well too.

Also I LOVE everything that I eat. I didn’t eat just because it was “healthy” or could help me with my goals. Eating tasty meals is undoubtedly essential.

In the end, it’s the consistency that is of paramount importance.

Daily targets

  • 1700 calories
  • 150 gm+ protein
  • No carb limits
  • No fat limits

I used Samsung Health to track my food intake. However its just because I like data collection and analysis. Its not required.

Breakfast, 8 AM

Green tea after waking up. Then depending on the mood, time and appetite level,

Variant 1)
Oats overnight + Non-fat milk + Peanut butter powder
500 calories, 40gm protein
2 mins prep-time

Variant 2)
Egg whites omelette with spinach x 6 egg whites servings + Ezekiel bread + Non-fat milk + Coffee
40 calories, 50gm protein
10 mins prep-time

Variant 3)
Kodiak cakes protein pancake + Egg whites x 3 + Sugar free syrup + Non-fat milk
360 calories, 40 gm protein
12 mins prep time

Variant 4)
MorningStar farms grillers original veg pattie x 2 + Franz keto bread + Non-fat milk + Unsweetened cocoa powder
440 calories, 45 gm protein
8 mins prep time

Variant 5)
I only eat this variant before hikes. Not on regular days.

Oikos Triple Zero yogurt x 2 + Whey protein powder + blueberries
350 calories, 55 gm protein
5 mins prep time

Variant 6)
Avocado toast + Protein powder + Coconut milk
550 calories, 50 gm protein
5 mins prep time

Lunch, 12 PM

I mass cook my lunch and prepare enough quantity for at least 2 days. Also because my work days are usually very busy, I can’t afford to spend time cooking in the afternoon, so instead I cook the previous night and refrigerate meals.

Variant 1)
Lentils / beans (minimal to no oil used) + Non fat non sugar plain yogurt + Vegetables (carrot, broccoli, capsicum, onion, tomatoes, spinach)

Variant 2)
Baked/broiled chicken breast + Salad

Variant 3)
Chicken breast curry + Garden salad

Variant 4)
Spinach paneer curry + Mission carb balance tortillas
^^ I make my own paneer as the one available in market has too much fat to my liking.

Variant 5)
Mix vegetables + Brown rice + Lentils

Variant 6)
Riced broccoli + egg whites + tomatoes + onions

With every variant, Oikos triple zero as desert.

Evening snacks, 4 PM

Variant 1)

Variant 2)
Grilled or steamed vegetables

Variant 3)
Mixed nuts (Walnut, cashew, almond, pistachio, pitted date, raisin)

Dinner, 8 PM

My dinner is usually light in calories and I experiment with different variants each week. There are simply too many variants to list down here, and I also keep changing them frequently.

Usually – I will try to have some form of protein in my dinner so that it could help with recovery in the night.

What I stopped/reduced

  • Processed, prepackaged items
  • Fast food
  • White rice
  • Roti / paratha
  • Excessive oil, instead I use oil spray
  • Whitebread
  • Any item with added sugar
  • Any item with too much fat, specially the one with saturated fat
  • Liquid calories
  • Sugar

Supplements / others

  • Green tea, 2-3 times a day
  • Coffee, 3-4 times a week
  • Whey protein powder (When daily protein target is not hit by regular food items)

Hope this helps! Will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, either here or on Instagram at @darpan.visuals






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