Oven Bake Time Mastersheet

After embarking on journey to eat healthy food since December 2020, my dinner is usually grilled vegetables / grilled the-raw-food-item.

I love baking whole, processed foods in Oven. It preserves their natural taste while supplying me a healthy dinner. I have been writing down times for some of these items in my OneNote notes, I thought I’m better off putting it out here on my website.

This is primarily for my reference while cooking.

Bake times

Potato / Sweet Potatoes [Cubed]400°35 minsRemember to spray oil before layering potatoes on baking sheet.
Bell Peppers / Mini Bell Peppers420°16 mins
Muffin380°24 mins
Chicken Breast420°12 mins
Mushroom450°16 minsBake until golden brown.
Broccoli 450° 16 mins
Carrot Cake380°30 minsAdd more egg whites, add baking soda and add more sweetner. For sweetner, add banana or raisins. Stevia can also be added.

Failure notes

  • 09/17/2021 – tried carrot cake. Added too much milk which led the batter not bake completely. Also the taste was bland because of no sweetness.
  • 08/23/2021 – set off fire alarm while baking sweet potatoes. I shouldn’t have turned on the broil at the end of bake. In fact, I should never touch broil setting at all.
  • 08/08/2021 – tried to bake potato cubes. They stuck to the baking sheet, which I think because of not spraying oil on the baking sheet before layering potatoes. Second reason is also high temperature. Reduced the temperature from 425 to 400 and increased time to 30 mins.






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