The Mahi Canal Collection : Back Stage

April 9, 2015

We all love our canal, don’t we? After all, it’s the only place in Nadiad where we can set ourselves free and have a peace of mind. The Canal Collection is a collective effort to gather & present beautiful photographs of Mahi Canal, Nadiad at one place. The idea was one of my shower thoughts. I had never developed a web photo gallery so I took this idea as an opportunity to learn something new and come up with this.

The gallery is crafted with the Jssor Slider jQuery plugin. The plugin is fully packed with features,  responsive, fast, easy to learn.

Featured photos by:

We all are from DDIT.
None of us own a DSLR. 😛
Neither do we own a Facebook photography page.
We enjoy taking photos, nice ones, that’s all. 🙂

As I said, this is a collective effort. I’m sure that there are more beautiful photos out there taken by talented people like you. Feel free to contribute. I’d be happy to see your photos.

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    November 20, 2015

    I am an alum of ddit and this made me revisit the canal memories! Thank you for putting it up. I would like to download some of these if it is not a problem.

    • Reply

      Darpan Dodiya

      November 20, 2015

      Yes, of course you can.

      Drop me a message at: [email protected]

      And I shall send you full resolution images.


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