Dang Bird Festival at Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Campsite

Dang Bird Festival at Mahal Eco Campsite, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Dangs bird festival has been organized by Purna WLS in collaboration with Ahwa (North) Division Forest Department. Scheduled to fly off during 5th February to 7th February, 2016, this bird festival in Dang will promote Purna Wildlife Sanctuary as bird sanctuary.

I was reading Sandesh newspaper today and came to know about this Dang bird festival.

As a frequent visitor of Dang, this bird festival event seems very exciting to me! I would’ve attended it for sure if I hadn’t been in Hyderabad.

Important Information

Event: Dang Bird Festival

Dates: 5th to 7th Feb, 2016

Location: Mahal Campsite, Dang

Schedule: Click Here

Registration: As per the event site, registrations have been closed now.

Official Site: http://purnawls.com

Contact Details: Nikunj Jambu (9427081711), Kaushal Patel (9408191289)

Email: [email protected]


Highlights of Bird Festival: 

  • Birding Competition
  • Wildlife Quiz Competition
  • Documentary Screening
  • Dangi Traditional Dance
  • Campfire

Cover photo by: https://michealdebarra.com/2014/11/11/weekly-photo-challenge-minimalist/

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