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The Diaro Story

November 15, 2018

No that’s not a typo in the title, I plan to hammer down my thoughts about a daily journal app I use: Diaro. During the course, I will also…


Logging & Monitoring Life: The Smartphone Way

April 15, 2016
When I was in 10th standard I thought of keeping track of my preparations and started writing a diary. Back then I used to log major daily events, study progress & happenings in a full scape notebook. Over the span of years I realized the importance of logs and started monitoring a few more affairs. Now, I use my phone to supervise everything. In this post, I'd share how exactly I do all these things with my Xiomi Redmi 1S Android device.
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TTW: Travel To Write

April 20, 2015
A method I've been following for over a year. The results are mesmerizing, journeys are much more joyful now. Continue reading further to enhance your travel experience.. TL; DR: Visit the destination with a plan to write a detailed travelogue about the place later on.