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The Boarding Pass Nightmare

January 24, 2019

Le me, swiping Instagram stories in morning. 

Le see a photo of airline boarding pass on a friend’s story. 

As you’re reading this, you might have shared boarding pass photo on…


US F1 Visa Interview : The Ultimate Guide

October 25, 2018

The US F1 visa interview is certainly a nerve wrecking event. It is critical because – a year of time, money and efforts depend on a mere 2 minutes…


How to Install, Setup and Use AndroidViewClient on Windows

August 21, 2018
Step by step tutorial on setting up AndroidViewClient on Windows machines. AndroidViewClient is a python library and tools that simplifies test script creation and android test automation, providing higher level operations and the ability of obtaining the tree of Views present at any given moment on the device or emulator screen and perform operations on it. AndroidViewClient is commonly used to create tests scripts but can be in stand-alone scripts as well. Test script creation can be even further simplified and automated by using Culebra. Culebra is a sweet tool!
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How To Look Good In Photos: 7 Tips

June 27, 2015
Once upon a time, I was totally hapless at looking good in photographs. Neither did I know how to pose nor about how to smile. I mostly looked like a sloth. Then, one day I came across a thread on Reddit which stole my attention. For the next couple of hours, I browsed the web for more photography tips, hearted them and determined to put them in practice. (December 2014) Results? Surprisingly, the photos produced after following the tips were much better. And they keep coming off even better. Talking about now, I still have a lot to learn and improve. Also, I'm not even a pro photographer or some kind. The purpose of this post is to share the directions I followed. The course is simple plus easy to enforce...
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Photography 101: The Essentials Terms and Techniques & Tricks

February 1, 2015
Couple of years ago, I bought a Canon A2300 - Point & Shoot camera to leverage my interest in photography. I read a book, How To Take Great Photos by Peter Tellone and had compiled a summary of the book in Evernote as Photography Essentials. If you too love capturing scenes then this will interest you for sure. Here's the Evernote note, as it is: