How to Look Good In The Photos 7 Tips To Be A Photogenic Person

How To Look Good In Photos: 7 Tips

Once upon a time, I was totally hapless at looking good in photographs. Neither did I know how to pose nor about how to smile. I mostly looked like a sloth. Then, one day I came across a thread on Reddit which stole my attention. For the next couple of hours, I browsed the web for more photography tips, hearted them and determined to put them in practice. (December 2014)

Results? Surprisingly, the photos produced after following the tips were better. And they keep coming off even better.

Talking about now, I still have a lot to learn and improve. Also, I’m not even a pro photographer or some kind. The purpose of this post is to share the directions I followed. The course is simple plus easy to enforce…

The Part of 7

Look above the lens. If you’re about an arm’s length away from the camera, look about two inches above the center of the lens.

Stick your forehead out and down when smiling, it’ll give you a definitive jawline and makes you look a lot better. Even works for heavier people. You can also tilt your head slightly to the right/left for added effect.

Watch this video to see it in action:

The Pose

Guide: For men | For women

Breath in. It will fill energy in your body, making it look active and lighten up your face. Take a deep breath and hold it. It’s the difference between looking sedentary or pumped and ready to go.

Smile if suitable. (Naturally) Show teeth if possible.

Multiple shots. Tweak with angles, expressions, background  etc. One simply can’t get the best photo in the first attempt. So the key is to take multiple photos.


Post image editing has huge impact on the last output. Don’t apply filters every now and then. Instead, use tools like Photoshop or apps like Snapseed to tune the image. Personally, I’d assign highest priority to this tip.

As you might be wondering, not all points offered above are supposed to use simultaneously. Consider as per the situation. Moreover, it’s barely possible to look good from the very first try. Keep the spirit always on!

So, that was an introductory maneuver on how to look good in photos. Want to Take Good Photographs? Read this now.

Featured photo from WikiHow.

Have an awesome tip to share? Don’t hesitate to drop a note in the comments.

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  1. Khursheed Avatar

    Read some of your posts. They are good brother. Will keep in touch for more tips. Thanks!

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    Jay Parekh

    Awesome tips..perfect lab timepass! (Y)

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      That’s productive! 🙂

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