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  • Hike Checklist

    Hike Checklist

  • Hawaii Solo Trip Thoughts/Notes

    Hawaii Solo Trip Thoughts/Notes

    I traveled to the island of Maui, Hawaii for about 2 weeks in November 2021. I like to keep notes of interesting experiences and thoughts. Most of them are scary experiences though as they leave lasting memory in head. Here’s assortment of them in no particular order or theme: In my Airbnb there was a…

  • Why I Travel Solo?

    Why I Travel Solo?

    I was on a hike yesterday when I wondered, why do I like to travel solo these days. At that time, the short conclusion that “because that’s what I enjoy!” As I reached home I thought it would be fun to write down my thoughts as of September 2021 to why I travel solo. Few…

  • The Boarding Pass Nightmare

    The Boarding Pass Nightmare

    Le me, swiping Instagram stories in morning.  Le see a photo of airline boarding pass on a friend’s story.  As you’re reading this, you might have shared boarding pass photo on social media at some point.  So what’s the drama about? Exploit from the Insta Story In order to see what I could exploit from…

  • Breaking Down The PNR Number of Indian Railways: What, How, Why?

    Breaking Down The PNR Number of Indian Railways: What, How, Why?

    Ever wondered how the 10 digit PNR number you get when you reserve your ticket is generated? Or what do the digits indicate? Or basically what is the need of PNR? I had the same set of questions so I Googled extensively and tried to find the answers. Learnt many new things about the railway…