Forest Log Hut Saputara Gujarat Cover

Forest Log Hut Saputara

Forest Log Hut is a old-school architecture made entirely from wooden building blocks. Seeing this Log Hut, you will wish to have a house like this. It gives feeling of British Era.

Forest Log Hut has 5 rooms in total. 3 rooms are on ground floor and 2 are on first floor.

Forest Log Hut Saputara 2

Forest Log Hut is located on a hill, in front of Saputara Lake. This placing gives an awesome view of entire Saputara hill station.

I visited Forest Log Hut way back in 2009. Rooms were very clear and neatly maintained that time. Service is prompt.

Forest Log Hut Saputara 1

Forest department of Gujarat manages and maintains this Log Hut. A point worth noting is: This is NOT a commercial place. You need to have recommendation from forest department to get a stay in here.

Stay is cheap as hell. Rs. 355/-. But again, if you’re ‘Aam Aadmi’, you aren’t in luck to stay in here.






5 responses to “Forest Log Hut Saputara”

  1. Nirav Shah Avatar
    Nirav Shah

    Hello Darpan,

    I need to book 2 rooms . What is the booking procedure?

  2. Mihir Shah Avatar
    Mihir Shah

    What is booking procedure?

  3. Mitesh Avatar

    I want to book forest guest house at Saputara for 2 days, i.e. 2nd and 3rd june. Please advise.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hi Mitesh, I don’t think I am the correct person for this.

  4. Darpan Dodiya Avatar
    Darpan Dodiya

    Hello there!

    If you happen to have more information of this place and know how to book etc, please get in touch with me/comment here.

    Will be greatly appreciated.

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