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  • Saputara Monsoon Festival

    Saputara Monsoon Festival

    Saputara Monsoon Festival 2017 is a month long event, organized and promoted by tourism department. The monsoon festival begins in August month every year. This year it will held between August 12 to September 12. The festival features plentiful events, activities and cultural programs in 30 days. Local Dangi food items and spectacular cultural shows portraying lifestyle of Adivasis are most exiciting events of the festival. From 10 year old kids to 90 year old grandma, the festival guarantees good time for everyone. Exact dates for 2016 edition of Saputara Monsoon Festival are yet to be announced, I expect it to start from either 1st or 8th August. Tourism department also holds special tour packages during monsoon festival.

  • Don Hill Station, Gujarat [Updated]

    Don Hill Station, Gujarat [Updated]

    The Don hill station is a scenic landscape located near Saputara and is perched on the border of Gujarat of Maharashtra and around 30km from Ahwa, the headquarter of the Dangs. I experienced its natural beauty few days back. (16th August, 2014). Don can be definitely the next hill station of Gujarat after Saputara if Gujarat Tourism Department put some efforts to develop it. It’s still hidden from most of the tourists’ focus, mouth publicity is the only thing helping it to attract avid travelers.

  • Rose Garden Saputara

    Rose Garden Saputara

    Rose Garden, as the name depicts, has lots of varieties of roses. Though, when I visited the place, I wasn’t so amazed by roses. There are variety of roses but nothing extravagant.

  • Table Top / Town View Point Saputara

    Table Top / Town View Point Saputara

    Table Top Point is also known as Townview point. The name table top comes because of flat table like surface on top of hill called Governor’s Hill.

  • Sunset Point Saputara

    Sunset Point Saputara

    If you’re planning to stay back till evening in Saputara, you shouldn’t miss view of Sunset point. This place can be best enjoyed when there’s no crowd around, so better to go off season time. Avoid weekends, holidays and festivals and you shall find this place serene.