Sunrise Point Saputara 7

Sunrise Point Saputara

Sunset Point Saputara is not for the lazy ones who can’t get up early!

Planning a trip to Saputara? Start your day from Sunrise point.

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Sunrise Point Saputara 6

This point matches with Sunset point of Saputara hill station. You need to park your car around 1 km from the peak point and then trek to the point. For aged ones, this trek in the morning might be difficult. [This was true one year ago. Now road to the top could possibly be there. Yet to verify it.]

Sunrise Point Saputara 1

The sight of sun rising from hills fills energy and kick off your day with positive vibes.

Sunrise Point Saputara 2

Sunrise point has long been ignored by authorities. Not anymore, they have started developments to leverage this point.

View of Saputara from Sunrise point.

Sunrise Point Saputara 3

Do carry some water and food with you while climbing to this point. As unlike tabletop point or sunset point, no stalls are present.

While trekking to sunrise point.Sunrise Point Saputara 5

Best time to visit this point is monsoon. When you go in morning, the breezing air, mushroom clouds and sun rising from hills – will blow your mind.

Sunrise Point Saputara 4






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