You Mean APJ Abdul Kalam The Scientist

You Mean APJ Abdul Kalam? The Scientist?

Foreigners might be incognisant about the Indian superstars, Rajnikanth, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai or the likes of Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani but they do know Abdul Kalam.

I was in Mumbai for a short sightseeing tour. On one exquisite morning I attained the famous Dhobi Ghat, Mahalaxmi. There, I happened to have a splendid conversation with a Brazilian couple that included themes of all matters. In the niche of Indian politics and corruption, I asked them casually,
” Then you must be knowing Narendra Modi? “
[After some expressionless look] No.

Quite surprised I was then, decided to extend the spree.

” Okay, what about Shahrukh Khan or Rajnikanth? “
[No, sir. I can guess that by movements of their head.]

And I further asked few more names of famous personalities of India. Receiving thumbs down in every attempt, I then cut the cord.

” Do you know about any celebrated Indian? “
Umm, yeah. We heard the name, Klam.

” You mean APJ Abdul Kalam? The scientist? “
[Cherishing] You got it!

I stood there silently, spellbound.

Yes, I did ask about Sachin Tendulkar, they were unaware but they knew Maria Sharapova.

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