Step Garden Saputara 4

Step Garden Saputara

Step garden is one of finest maintained place in Saputara. It’s a small garden, consisting from 20-25 steps. On each step, you’d see wide range of flower beds.

Photo Credits: © IamSangram, Navi Mumbai from Trip Advisor

As soon as you enter to Saputara from Gujarat side, take right turn and you’ll arrive at Step Garden.

Paragliders in backgroundStep Garden Saputara 1

Garden hasn’t huge span, it can be covered within an hour. Good place for family — take some snacks and rest here.

From the top of Step garden, view of valley is mesmerizing. You can also get a town view of Saputara turning 180 degree.

Step Garden Saputara 2

For photography this place is like heaven. (Or in that matter, entire Saputara is full of scenic places!). On the top of Step garden, you’d see a hut like setup. Keep eye at this place if you’re in need of changing your Facebook profile picture!

Step Garden Saputara 3






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