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Saputara Paragliding Festival : Adventure Sports In Saputara Hill Station

Saputara is the most popular hill station in Gujarat. To promote Saputara as a tourism hub, Gujarat Tourism department often organizes various festivals throughout the year. The Saputara Paragliding Festival is one of the carnivals. The paragliding activities in Saputara are managed by Dang Jilla Paragliding Adventure Association and are supported by the tourism department.

Update May 2019:

So in May 2019, during my visit to India, I experienced paragliding at Saputara with my brother and friends.

It was a fun experience! Above is the video of the paragliding at sunset

UPDATE: Saputara Paragliding Festival 2016

Gujarat tourism department has inaugurated this year’s, Saputara Paragliding Festival 2016, on 1st November.

The paragliding festival 2016 will be celebrated between 1st Novemeber 2015 to 31st January 2016.

Take Off Saputara Paragliding Festival Gujarat Hill Station Photos

To quote the Adventure Club’s description:

Gujarat has been blessed with a huge mountain range. Many of these areas are still virgin and unexplored.

Pavagadh and Saputara being tourist destinations were discovered and explored earlier. Saputara has already become popular for tandem joyrides.

We have recently explored Dang, the green belt of Gujarat and discovered excellent sites for paragliding, hang gliding and other adventure sports. The site is suitable for training, advance flying and cross country flying. In the next two years this site will be one of the most preferred paragliding destination in India. Being on Maharashtra – Gujarat border this location is close from Nasik and Mumbai for paragliding.

Gujarat Tourism Department is very proactive in supporting new initiatives and has been extending full support in our venture. There are plans to develop and promote this location as a new tourist destination and we are proud to be part of it.

Up In The Sky Saputara Paragliding Festival Gujarat Hill Station Photos


The paragliding adventure is (mostly) available during in the months of November, December, January every year.

It starts in the morning at around 10 and lasts as long as there is enough sunlight in the evening, generally 5.30 PM.

Here We Go Saputara Paragliding Festival Gujarat Hill Station Photos


Sunset Point Road, Near Jain Temple, Saputara.
As you enter in Saputara from Gujarat, take first left. Continue straight for a minute you’d find the site.

Venue Saputara Paragliding Festival Gujarat Hill Station Photos

Pará Sailing
Helipad ground, Saputara.

Don Hill Station, Ahwa
(Though, I’m not sure about the source, but paragliding is also said to be offered at Don Hill Station during tourism festivals.)


They fluctuate time to time, depending on tourist rush and season.

On an average,
Paragliding would cost you between Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2500
Parasailing would between Rs. 500 – Rs. 1000

Let The Wind Smash Saputara Paragliding Festival Gujarat Hill Station Photos


For Training: 9011733396
For Joyrides: 9427189696, 9998088001

Email: [email protected]

Click Here For Joyride Booking
Click Here For Training Course

Breathtaking Scene Saputara Paragliding Festival Gujarat Hill Station Photos

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20 responses to “Saputara Paragliding Festival : Adventure Sports In Saputara Hill Station”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Hi Darpan, I will be reaching there on Sunday this week at 3 am with kids. Will I get an accommodation there at that time with some hotels?

  2. Atri Avatar

    We are planning to go in June? Will it be convenient? What about the heat? What about paragliding activities?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      I’m assuming this is a duplicate comment due to some technical issue..

      Regarding the heat, it won’t be much. Totally bearable.

  3. Atri Avatar

    We are planning to go in June, so is it convenient to go? What about the heat? Will paragliding be available during June?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Not sure about Paragliding..

      I personally suggest to go after the monsoon after June end.

  4. jigna dave Avatar
    jigna dave

    paragliding will available on this weekend?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Please try to reach to contacts mentioned above.

  5. Khyati Avatar

    Paragliding will available on date 18th to 26th may.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Better call one of the numbers provided in blog post above. My guess is that it will be available.

  6. Akash tarsariya Avatar
    Akash tarsariya

    Can i enjoy paraglinding in pair????plz reply i will interested in paraglinding in saputara…

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      While I’m not the official person, I don’t think couple paragliding is possible.

      Unless, of course you’re the pilot. 🙂

  7. thecaraabiner Avatar

    Hey i will be visiting saputara on 8 to 10 sep will be visiting all 14 places /things mentioned for local saputara attractions. In addition going for gira falls and waghai botanical garden. Any other places i should cover ?? on 11 or 12 september

    1. thecaraabiner Avatar

      forgot to mention travelling from mumbai
      Route: mumbai-trimbakeshwar-dharmachakra prabhav tirth-saputara
      early morning departing and would be staying at jain dharamshala saputara

  8. siddharth Avatar

    hi darpan,

    i am planing to visit saputara in octomber 9 – 12 .

    i am very much interested in paraglyding as traing.

    is it available?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      No, so far I know, I don’t think it will be available.

  9. Bhavna Patel Avatar
    Bhavna Patel

    Is it one day at saputara enough ? How much time it takes for paragliding joy ride ? Please let me know. Thanks

  10. Farhad Avatar

    thanks Darpan, I just read and asked few people here at work too. I hope I can see other places when I visit in August. I’d be driving down from Surat and would be returning back the same day, so I’ll see what ever I can and mostly click photos and come back. Is it ok to drive around different locations in saputara? Please do let me know. and many thanks for all the guidance.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Yes, of course!

      It’s a pleasure to drive around Saputara in monsoon. Most sightseeing locations within range of 5 km. Roads are smooth.

      You may plan to leave from Saputara in early morning, at around 3.30 AM. If you do so, first reach to Sunrise Point. It’ll give an excellent start to your Saputara trip.

      What to See in Saputara >> Places to Visit/Sightseeing in Saputara

      Wishing you a very happy journey! 🙂

  11. Farhad Avatar

    Hi, I’ll be visiting Saputara in August. Will there be paragliding activities still going on? Please do let me know. It would be raining on and off during that time of the year thats why i am inquiring.. thanks for info..

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hi Farhad.

      No there will not be any paragliding activities going on.

      Paragliding in Saputara generally starts in November end/December start.

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