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Table Top / Town View Point Saputara

Table Top Point is also known as Townview point. The name table top comes because of flat table like surface on top of hill called Governor’s Hill.

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Table top point has many recreational activities. In fact, it’s hub of most of the adventure activities in Saputara. During tourist festivals like monsoon festival, this place has different aura.

This point is known by multiple names. Townview point and governor’s hill are other names those identify this place.

Governors Hill View Point Saputara 2

Some of the recreational activities this point offers:

  1. Bike riding (It’s polluting the environment however)
  2. Horse riding
  3. Camel riding
  4. Ziplining
  5. Valley crossing

However a point to keep in mind about these activities is, they might not available when tourist rush is little to none.

Saputara ropeway has one of its end on tabletop point. If possible, do take ride of ropeway, I guarantee you, it’ll be your best memory of Saputara.





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