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  • Breaking Down The PNR Number of Indian Railways: What, How, Why?

    Breaking Down The PNR Number of Indian Railways: What, How, Why?

    Ever wondered how the 10 digit PNR number you get when you reserve your ticket is generated? Or what do the digits indicate? Or basically what is the need of PNR? I had the same set of questions so I Googled extensively and tried to find the answers. Learnt many new things about the railway system. Read along to boost your knowledge too…

  • Don Hill Station, Gujarat [Updated]

    Don Hill Station, Gujarat [Updated]

    The Don hill station is a scenic landscape located near Saputara and is perched on the border of Gujarat of Maharashtra and around 30km from Ahwa, the headquarter of the Dangs. I experienced its natural beauty few days back. (16th August, 2014). Don can be definitely the next hill station of Gujarat after Saputara if Gujarat Tourism Department put some efforts to develop it. It’s still hidden from most of the tourists’ focus, mouth publicity is the only thing helping it to attract avid travelers.

  • Heavenly Dang In Frames : Dang Photo Tour

    Heavenly Dang In Frames : Dang Photo Tour

    The Dangs. It’s simply an awesome place. It has everything a photographer and nature devotee need. Streams and rivers? Checked. Hills and mountains? Checked. Jungles and forests? Checked. Awe-people and culture? Checked. Trees and greeneries? Checked. Then why not portray its awesomeness? That’s what I plan to do via this post.

  • Vacation Publishing Spree

    Vacation Publishing Spree

    Publishing Spree! Weird tag right? Here’s the dissection: I have this habit of taking notes, either mentally or in a phone, whenever I visit a new place. Be it a travel destination, a coffee shop or a village street. Now, I love to travel. That implies that visits to bunch of destinations is obvious. It further details that many notes must have been taken.

  • A Walk Through : Amul Dairy Anand

    A Walk Through : Amul Dairy Anand

    Amul, The Taste of India! Based at Anand in Gujarat, Amul is the largest food brand in India. It was Amul that spurred India’s White Revolution, which made the country the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products. As Anand is just 20 minutes from where I study, DDIT, Nadiad, a visit to the dairy is no surprisal. 🙂 The neat campus of the dairy, informative museum, cutting edge technology and sophisticated machineries left our eyes wide open. Dive in to have a look of the vista: