Vacation Publishing Spree

June 15, 2015

Publishing Spree! Weird tag right? Here’s the dissection:

I have this habit of taking notes, either mentally or in a phone, when I visit a new place. Be it a travel destination, a coffee shop or a village street.

Now, I love to travel.
That implies that visits to bunch of destinations is obvious.
It further details that many notes must have been taken.

And yes, they are. I convert these notes into full-fledged travelogues whenever I get time.

The flow for a typical post on this blog goes like :

Google Keep Notes > On the spot
Evernote Note >
To save the note permanently
Draft >
First version from the note, 20 minutes
Image Processing >
Shortlisting, Editing, Cropping, Resizing, Renaming, Compressing, 1 hour
Final Article >
Almost done version, 45 minutes
Proof Read >
By several people
The Publish Button!

It takes an average of 3-6 hours for a single post.

My college schedule generally doesn’t allow me to complete the process. Hence, most of the notes don’t progress beyond the “Draft” stage.

So the workaround? Summer Vacation!

The vacation (Summer 2015) allowed me to invest hours for the articles and thus here I am, publishing posts one after another!

The posts I published.

Even this post too is a part of Vacation Publishing Spree! πŸ™‚

Answer to primary question: Why do I write about places?

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