Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat : Eco Point Photos

March 15, 2016

Soldhara is a nifty village 10 km from Chikhli town of Gujarat. My visit to Soldhara village was totally accidental.

My younger brother had his 11th Science exam center in a high school near Solahara. (My bad memory! I couldn’t recollect name of the highschool/village where he went to taking exams) I dropped him at school and then had 3 hours to spare.

What to do – What to do! I opened Google Maps and looked at area around. I saw a text marker saying, Soldhara Eco Point. I was a bit amazed to see that marker, Eco Point in here?

Alright! Let’s head on to Soldhara and that was the time I discovered Soldhara.

Three cheers to Soldhara Gram Panchayat who had taken such a noble initiative of developing eco point. As I said, it’s rare to see such kind of developments in villages.

Eco point is developed on edge of lake. There’s one boat in the lake too for boating. The boat has unorthodox style of moving forward and backward though!

Lake has good walk way all the way round on its sides. Entire round about trip of lake takes around 15 minutes.

Along with walkway, a nice sits to relax and chill out too. I saw few school kids coming near Eco Point and playing games. (Ambli – Pimpli? Yeah, that’s what we used to call it in childhood days.)

Enough writing, have some photos!

Couple of cute rabbits are there as well
Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat Eco Point Photos [5]


Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat Eco Point Photos [4]


The unorthodox boating I talked about at Soldhara Eco Point Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat Eco Point Photos [3]


Walkway around Soldhara lake

Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat Eco Point Photos [2]


The lake as seen from the opposite side
Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat Eco Point Photos [1]


Ducks? May be. I’m poor at biology. 😛
Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat Eco Point Photos [7]


Honey bees breeding center. The owner was former Sarpanch of Soldhara village.  Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat Eco Point Photos [6]


If you’re still here and reading this line — it must have been a great coincidence! If that’s the case, do drop me a message. 🙂

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    March 30, 2021

    Please connect with me.. interested in bee keeping.

  2. Reply

    Manish Patel

    May 24, 2017

    I was searching for Beekeepers in Gujarat State and found one amazing guy online who is engaged in beekeeping Business, looking forwad to meet him.
    I m going to Soldhara on coming weekend.
    seems like its time to heal the inner me.

    Thanks for the Info Darpan.

    • Reply

      Darpan Dodiya

      May 24, 2017

      Wow! That’s amazing!

      I never thought that I will be helping someone like you in this way. Very happy to hear your story.

      I hope you enjoy your time in Soldhara..

  3. Reply


    November 2, 2016

    Whenever I go India I do visit Soldhara as I have relatives there. The people of the village are ever so friendly and genuinely hospitable.

    • Reply

      Darpan Dodiya

      November 2, 2016


      So finally someone found this post, read and commented! 🙂

      Agree with your words about Soldhara.

  4. Reply


    July 24, 2016

    Will.visit. !


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