Kukeri, Chikhli, Gujarat – A Village of Teachers in Navsari

Kukeri is a small village in Navsari district. It houses nearly 5000 people, mostly from the Rajput and Dodiya Patel community. Kukeri is well-connected to Chikhli – the taluka headquarter, Anaval and Vansda by road. A narrow gauge track of Bilimora Waghai line also passes through the village. Most families are well-do, making Kukeri a developed village.

I live in there, in vacations and in the festive season, as it is my hometown. The place has been very special to me. However, there’s very little to no information about Kukeri is available on the internet. So I planned to write a detailed post on it. Here it goes..

So, It is called as a village of teachers, but why?

Generally, people in a typical Indian village stay engaged in farming. Here, its teaching.

There is no specific reason for villagers to get inclined towards teaching, but all just get attracted towards it and continue the legacy, left by their forefathers.

On an average, there are 2 teachers at every house!

That’s no exaggeration. If I tell you my story, mom is a teacher. So is my aunt. So is my grandmother. So is my grandfather. 🙂

That declares Kukeri as having the maximum number of teachers, given by any other area or region in the state. Unsurprisingly, Kukeri has highest literacy ratio in the district.

Quick information of Kukeri, Gujarat

  • Population – 5239 (2011)
  • Location – 10 km from Chikhli, On Chikhli – Vansda road
  • Profession – Teaching, Farming
  • Agriculture products – Sugarcane, Rice, Mango
  • Known for – Teachers, Shantaba Vidyalaya
  • Major communities – Rajput, Patel
  • Transportation – Public transportation available. Well connected to all major nearby towns.
  • Primary schools – 2
  • High schools – 0
  • Bank, ATM – Available nearby (Dholikuva)
  • Pin code: 396560
  • Contact – You can contact me

Shantaba Vidyalaya, Navagam, Kukeri

Website : http://shantabavidyalaya.com/

“The person who opens a school, simultaneously closes a jail of the world.”

Shantaba Vidyalaya, Kukeri organized by Malvi Educational and Charitable Trust is an initiative to provide totally free and quality education to financially and socially misfortunate children.

Established in 2005, now the trust has an excellent school campus, a girl’s hostel, a boy’s hostel, dining hall, modern cow-shed and all other essentials. The organization runs on donations from all around the world. If you can afford, donate to the trust. You’d realize that money can buy happiness on seeing the innocent smile on the faces of children.

It’s founded and managed by Parimal Parmar. You can contact him at: +91 94274 63773 for further details.

Undoubtedly, Shantaba is the best thing in Kukeri. Pay a visit to Vatsalyadham (Residential campus of Shantaba Vidyalaya) once. The surroundings will cheer you up anytime.

That’s all I’ve to share with you. I’ll try to keep this post updated, also I’ll capture some photos and upload them here in the next couple of months.

This post is a part of the Vacation Publishing Spree.

Good day!

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