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Anjan Kund: The Parvat Where Hanumanji Was Born

Anjani Kund (or Anjani Parvat) is a village near Ahwa related to various mythological stories. The villagers of Dang district believe that Lord Hanumanji was born in a cave of the Anjani mountain. Dang area was known as ‘Dandkaranya –  દંડકારણ્ય’ in the Ramayana period. Shabari Dham proves this claim.

View of Anjani Village From Kund - Ajnani Kund Parvat Hanuman Born Ahwa Dang 9
The Kund

I paid a quick visit to the place in this summer. Reached there in the middle of noon, so there were no visitors. No water in the river or in the kund. Took a few photos, talked with one resident of the Anjani village and left the place.

A Villager Explaining The Mythological Importance - Ajnani Kund Parvat Hanuman Born Ahwa Dang 2
Local Resident

Anjani Kund – Anjani Parvat – Anjani Cave

These 3 names hold unique importance.

Anjani Parvat

The stories assert that Anjani Mata, mother of Hanuman, did a penance on the Anjani mountain.

Anjani Cave

And as a result of the penance, she gave birth to Lord Hanuman in the cave located in the center of Anjani Parvat. The ‘Gufa’ is one hour from Kund. The birth place of Hanuman.

Anjani Kund

A small body of water near the cave is called Anjani Kund. Legend has that Bal Hanuman took bath in the Kund, climbed the mountain and put upon a solar eclipse.

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Sadly not a single molecule of water

Hanuman With His Mother - Ajnani Kund Parvat Hanuman Born Ahwa Dang 5
Anjani Kund is the only temple where you see a child Hanuman

The Surat Influence

Talks to a local resident revealed that the development of the Anjani Kund is heavily funded by Surat based businessmen. The current temple was built from the Surat fundings.

A Distant View Of The Place - Ajnani Kund Parvat Hanuman Born Ahwa Dang 1

He also revealed that during festivals like Diwali and Hanuman Jayanti, many devotees from Surat come over Anjani Kund. They stay there, cook there and enjoy ‘Dairo’ – a musical celebration.

Village Details

Even though Anjani village is a remote area, it has a school, from 1st to 5th standard. 3 teachers in total. Surprisingly, I was told that teachers come regularly and teach.

It houses approx. 365 people. Farming is a major and the only profession.

Passing Through The Village - Ajnani Kund Parvat Hanuman Born Ahwa Dang 7
Passing through the Anjani village

Electricity, Mobile networks are available most of the time and the roads too are motorable. Though, there’s no GSRTC bus service. Private jeeps.

The Don Hill Station is behind the Anjani mountain.

Ahwa is 30 km from Anjani.

Saputara is approx. 45 km from Anjani village.

Stone Where Weapons Were Sharpened - Ajnani Kund Parvat Hanuman Born Ahwa Dang 8
This stones were used to sharpen weapons by Ram & Lakshman.

Corrupt Tourism Development

I was informed that the government had allocated 3 crore grant to boost tourism infrastructure.

Needless to say, the money did not reach the land. All they built was pavement block, a small rest dome and an entrance gate. These 3 structures IN 3 CRORES.

Entry Gate To The Village - Ajnani Kund Parvat Hanuman Born Ahwa Dang 3
So this gate is worth of 1 crore

And there lies the answer of development issues in India.

Nearby Attractions

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13 responses to “Anjan Kund: The Parvat Where Hanumanji Was Born”

  1. Urjit Jhaveri Avatar
    Urjit Jhaveri

    Hi Darpan, planning a trip to Saputara all the way from Ahmedabad. Will be travelling on country roads after Baroda since I want my parents to see the countryside. Will be taking the route from Baroda – Rajpipla – Netrang – Ukai – Songadh – Ahwa – Saputara – Hatgadh. Was researching for places and road conditions and found your page. Hats off to you, friend! You’ve done a great job assimilating all the information and making it available for other travellers. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!! Will share my journey details later.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hi Urjit,

      You’ve selected beautiful route!

      I’m sure your parents will enjoy the scenes fully. 🙂

      Will be waiting for your journey experience..


      1. Urjit Avatar

        Hi Darpan,

        The trip was as wonderful as I expected it to be and the roads were mostly in good condition. Since it was still monsoon, the roads did have a few potholes and especially between Ahwa and Saputara, one has to be careful in present road conditions. Having said that, if my 5 year old Ford could handle it with ease, most other cars would be fine 🙂 The scenery makes the road trip worth everything!

        However, other than the natural beauty, one shouldn’t expect much else during this season since most things are shut for the monsoon and open post dushera – artists village, honey harvesting and a host of other things to do are out of action during the monsoon months.

        If one wants peace and tranquility then monsoon is the time to visit the Dangs and spend your time walking amongst the clouds.

        1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

          Hi Urjit!

          Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience. 🙂

          This week, I have taken a break from work and returned back to home, Vansda, Gujarat. To have some peace of mind, for some photography (As DSLR & creativity were idle for many weeks!) and to live with nature.

          Went to Dangs area for a couple of days and had vibrant time there. On the course, have discovered 2-3 new hidden-from-tourists places as well. Let me know if you plan for next monsoon, I will share those places. I’m sure, a person like you would enjoy them to the fullest!

  2. Nayan Shaurya Avatar
    Nayan Shaurya

    I guess, there is somewhere a confusion regarding the birth place of Hanuman.
    In Jharkhand State, there is a place called Anjan, Kiskindha mountain and Rishimukh parvat, where sugriva hides himself.
    there is every single evidence available there, i hve seen practically.
    Rama went to Ramrekha dham from here which is few km from Kiskindha forest.
    I m just saying hat i know.
    I dont know which one is right which is wrong.
    But thanks for your efforts, interest for sharing it.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      You’re welcome!

      Thanks for sharing information of Jharkhand place. It’s an interesting insight.

      In religion, it’s up to the personnel deciding what is right and what is wrong. So let’s keep the question open. 🙂

  3. ashish mankad Avatar
    ashish mankad

    a great job by darpan.. such a elaborated view of dang district.. studied well.. information he provides is very useful.. after reading one cant stop his enthusiasm to visit dang.. thanks for sharing very rare n valuable information about the places..

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Very glad to see your comment here!

      You’re most welcome and wishing you a happy journey!

  4. Kabeer Avatar

    Bhai Story Sambhadi Ne .. Saru Lagyu
    Hu Mumbai Ma Rahu chu … Pan Hu Anwal No chu Ahwa Dang Baju no
    Thnxx kind Of Informations 😀
    Sure I will visit … Jai shrii Ram

  5. Sanjay Avatar

    Hey dude, it was really fascinating going thru all details placed beautifully by yu !!! Keep it up Darpan !!
    I wish many people (especially from Gujarat) visits your site and enjoy to their fullest.. great job !!

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hey man! Thanks a lot!

      That’s huge motivation boost for me! Cheers ?

  6. Aalok Verma Avatar
    Aalok Verma

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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