Featured Photo Padamdungari Eco Tourism Campsite near Unai, Vyara, Surat - Contact Number, Map, Hotel, Accommodation

The List of Eco Tourism Campsites in Gujarat

A comprehensive list of all eco tourism campsites of Gujarat. Previously in this series, I’ve prepared list of

Continuing the series, I will list all eco campsites of Gujarat in this article, with photos and adequate information.

Padamdungari Campsite //Campsite near the Dangs

Note: I’ve not been to all the campsites personally. I tried best to gather and provide details as accurately as possible. If you find something wrong here, contact me or drop a comment down.

Update (23-02-2016): Yesterday, I received an email from Deepak I Mehta, Vadodara. Mr. Mehta has visited most of the campsites listed down. He has provided missing details of many campsites. Updating this article to add them. A huge thank you:)

What Is Eco Tourism & Campsites

Eco tourism is defined as: “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.”

Most of the campsites have some common characteristics:

  • They are far from concrete jungles. In fact, most of them are located deep inside actual jungles. 🙂
  • River nearby
  • Basic Accommodation – Tent and Dormitory
  • Basic Food
  • Less crowded
  • Peaceful atmosphere. Relaxed ambience. Noise free life.

The eco campsites and nature education sites in Gujarat are generally maintained by EDC – Eco-tourism Development Committee.

The List

Click on each campsites title name for quick summary, location, driving directions, booking information, booking contact numbers and photos. 

Click/tap on campsite title for more details.

I’ve created a custom map of all the listed campsites. View It.

1. Mahal Campsite, Dang

Surrounded by Purna Wild Life Sanctuary, Mahal Campsite has excellent walking and trekking options. Recently, (February 2016), an event named Dang Bird Festival has been organized at this campsite.

Mahal Eco Tourism Campsite - Campsite Center In Mahal, Ahwa, Dangs, Gujarat - 16

Location: Mahal Village, Purna Wild Life Sanctuary, Ahwa, Dang

Booking Information / Contact Details:
+91 94271 74037, +91 94297 00265
[email protected]

[email protected]

More Info & Photos: Mahal Campsite

2. Padamdungari Campsite, Unai

Padamdungri is campsite located on the banks of Ambika river, 10 km from Unai and 30 km from Vyara town. Developed and maintained by Eco Tourism Development Committee (EDC), Padam Dungari stands amongst forests of Sahyadri mountain range. Padamdungari is one of the 4 eco tourism sites in the Dang area.

Padamdungari Eco Tourism Campsite near Unai, Vyara, Surat - Contact Number, Map, Hotel, Accommodation - 3

Location: Near Unai, Vyara, Surat

Booking Contact:
Padamdungari Contact Number: 02630-290796
Mobiles: 97278 78583 (Always try this)
Range Forest Unai Office: 02630-236244

More Info & Photos: Padamgunri Eco Tourism

3. Kevdi Campsite, Chhota Udepur, Vadodara

Clarification needed for Kevdi.

There are two campsites in Gujarat having same name, ‘Kevdi’. One is in near Vadodara and another is near Surat. Refer to this map for more clarification. Information below is for Kevdi Eco Campsite near Vadodara.

Kevdi Eco Tourism Campsite - Kevdi, Chhota Udepur, Vadodara by Gujarat Tourism Blog.jpg
Image: Gujarat Tourism

Location: Road connecting Jambughoda Sanctuary and Ratanmahal Sanctuary, SH62,  in Vadodara

Route: Vadodara – Dabhoi – Bodeli – Tejgadh – Zoz – Kevdi & back (Approx.distance from Vadodara 132 kms)

Booking Contact:
Deputy Conservator of Forest
Chhota Udepur Division
Chhota Udepur
Phone (02669) 232032 / 232303
Email:  [email protected]

Contact Person at the Campsite: Mr.Jethabhai Parmar 09879393733

More Info & Photos: Kevdi Campsite & Eco Tourism Vadodara

4. Polo Forest Campsite, Vijaynagar

Located among dense jungle and ancient temples, Polo Forest Campsite is a good destination to chill out from Ahmedabad. The site is located on the banks of Vanaj river, near Harnav dam site.

Featured - Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort

Location: Polo Forest, Vijayanagar, Idar

Booking Contact:
Himmatnagar Forest Department
Contact Number 1: 02772243090
Contact Number 2: 02772247279

More Info & Photos: Polo Forest Idar

5. Zarvani Campsite, Shoolpaneshwar, Narmada

Zarvani Campsite is situated inside the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to a gamut of flora & fauna. It’s near Narmada campsite. Other sightseeing areas nearby include the Zarwani waterfalls, the Shoolpaneshwar Temple, the Gheer Khadi.

Zarwani Eco Touism Campsite Narmada, Gujarat by Gujarat Tourism Blog1
Image: Gujarat Tourism

Location: Thawadia checkpost, Narmada dam site, Rajpipla

Route: Vadodara – Dabhoi – Rajpipla – Village Gora – Zarwani (Distance approx.110 kms)

Booking Contact:
Deputy Conservator of Forest
Narmada Forest Division
Near Vadia Jakat Naka,
Rajpipla – 393145

Phone (02640) 220013 / 220343

Email – [email protected]

More Info & Photos: Zarvani Campsite in Shoolpaneshar Rajpipla

6. Kilad Nature Education Center, Vansda

Kilad eco campsite is nature education center cum ecotourism site contained in Vansda National Park. The campsite is 2 km off Vansda – Waghai state highway, on the banks of Ambika river.

Along with the tag of campsite, Kilad also holds tag of nature education center.

Elevated Patform - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Location: Kilad, On Way to Saputara, Vansda Waghai Road, Near Waghai, Navsari

Booking Contact:
Range Forest Office Vansda: 02630 230057
Forest Officer Mr. Garasia: +91 9428022415
Forest Ranger Mr. Joshi: +91 9426855593
Mr Harishbhai: +91 8758650555
Mr Madhubhai: +91 94277782712

More Info & Photos: Kilad Nature Education Campsite

7. Devinamal Campsite, Dang

Devinamal Campsite is an Eco-tourism site located 5 km off from the Dang district headquarter, Ahwa. Placed amidst the dense jungles of the Dangs, Devinamal has emerged as fresh Eco-tourism center after Kilad and Mahal.

[Photos] [Monsoon] Devinamal Eco Tourism Campsite Dang, Gujarat in Monsoon

Location: Devinamal, Near Ahwa, Dang

Booking Contact:
02631 – 220246
02631 – 220343

More Info & Photos: Devinamal Campsite, Ahwa

8. Sagai Malsamot Campsite, Rajpipla

This campsite is situated at the foot of the hills Malsamot. Located inside Dediapada Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajpipla.

Sagai-Malsamot Eco Campsite In Dediapada Sanctuary by Gujarat Tourism Normal
Image: Gujarat Tourism

Location: Malsamot, Dediapada Sanctuary, Rajpipla

Route: Vadodara – Dabhoi – Rajpipla – Dediapada – Juna Mosda – Sagai Malsamot (Distance approx.152 kms)

Booking Contact:
Deputy Conservator of Forest
Narmada Forest Division
Near Vadia Jakat Naka,
Rajpipla – 393145

Phone (02640) 220013 / 220343

Email – [email protected]

More Info & Photos: Sagai Malsamot Hill Campsite in Rajpipla

9. Vadhvana Wetland and Eco Campsite, Dabhoi

This irrigation reservoir and wetland located 10 kms from Dabhoi & 20 kms from the Jambughoda village, is the water source for 25 nearby villages, and a popular birdwatching site.

Image: Gujarat Tourism

Location: Vadhvana, Dabhoi, Vadodara

Booking Contact:
Chief Conservator of Forest
Vadodara Division
Kothi Building, Behind Raopura Police Station
Raopura, Vadodara – 390001
Phone (0265) 2425136

More Info & Photos: Vadhvana Wetland Campsite – Dabhoi (Vadodara)

10. Vishal Khadi Campsite, Rajpipla

The site is surrounded by several forest areas, namely, Karjan forest area, Dediyapada forest area and Dang forest area, and fertile agricultural plains and river valleys.

Vishal Khadi Rajpipla Eco Tourism Campsite, Narmada by Gujarat Tourism Normal
Image: Gujarat Tourism

Location: Rajpipla-Netrang road, Rajpipla

Route: Vadodara – Dabhoi – Rajpipla – Netrang Road – Vishal Khadi (Distance approx.98 kms)

Booking Contact:
Deputy Conservator of Forest
Narmada Forest Division
Near Vadia Jakat Naka,
Rajpipla – 393145

Phone (02640) 220013 / 220343

Email – [email protected]

More Info & Photos: Dediyapada Campsite in Vishal Khadi

11. Junaraj Eco Cottage, Rajpipla

Situated amidst Satpura hills on the banks of the River Karjan, Junaraj was old capital of Rajpipla state. Eco cottages have been built in Junaraj village.

Junaraj Eco Cottage Rajpipala : Village Near Narmada, Gujarat

Location: Junaraj, near Karjan Dam, Rajpipla

Route: Vadodara – Dabhoi – Rajpipla – Sulpaneshwar Sanctuary – Junaraj

Booking Contact:
Deputy Conservator of Forest
Narmada Forest Division
Near Vadia Jakat Naka,
Rajpipla – 393145

Phone (02640) 220013 / 220343

Email – [email protected]

More Info & Photos: Junaraj Village Eco Cottage Rajpipla

12. Kanjeta Eco Campsite, Ratanmahal, Dahod

Kanjeta is a fully developed campsite situated inside the Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary in the Dahod district of Central Gujarat.

The main attraction is the sloth bear. This is the only campsite in central Gujarat area.

Image: Gujarat Tourism

Location: Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Dahod, Central Gujarat

Vadodara – Halol – Pavagadh – Devgadh Baria – Village Dhanpur – Kanjeta

Booking Contact:
Chief Conservator of Forest
Vadodara Division
Kothi Building, Behind Raopura Police Station
Raopura, Vadodara – 390001
Phone (0265) 2425136

Contact Person at the Campsite: Mr.Bharatbhai Puar 09099130360 / 09712445812

More Info & Photos: Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary Campsite

There’s another campsite near Kanjeta. Udal Mahuda – No information available but very near to Kanjeta (maximum for about 6 to 7 kms).

Source: Ketan I Mehta

13. Dhanpari Eco Campsite, Jambughoda, Panchmahal

The campsite is near the Kada Dam and its a beautiful site to visit with a picturesque location and it also has a forest rest house. The campsite is surrounded by this magnificent forest.

Image: Gujarat Tourism

Location: Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, Panchmahal District, Gujarat.

Route:  Route – Vadodara – Halol – Pavagadh – Jambughoda

Booking Contact:
Chief Conservator of Forest
Vadodara Division
Kothi Building, Behind Raopura Police Station
Raopura, Vadodara – 390001
Phone (0265) 2425136

Contact Person at the Campsite: Mr.Manharbhai – 09712480161

More Info & Photos: Dhanpari Campsite in Jambughoda

14. Kevdi Eco Tourism Jetpur, Mandvi, Surat

This campsite is located near Kakrapar. Not to be confused with the one of Vadodara.

Kevdi Mandvi Surat
Image: Chetan Modi

Location: Kevdi, Neat Jetpur Mandvi, Surat

Booking Contact:
Accommodation: 09726391982
Food: 09099360694

More Info & Photos: Jetpur Kevdi (Mandvi, Surat) Eco Tourism

15. Bhat (Shivrajpur) Eco Campsite, Near Jambughoda

Shivrajpur is on the way to Dhanpuri from Vadodara. View exact location at: https://goo.gl/maps/jYXzsKzWooG2

Bhat Eco Tourism Center, Shivrajpur, Jambughoda 2

Location: Bhat, On Pavagadh – Bodeli road, near Shivrajpur

Booking Contact:
Chief Conservator of Forest
Vadodara Division
Kothi Building, Behind Raopura Police Station
Raopura, Vadodara – 390001
Phone (0265) 2425136

More Info & Photos: Bhat Eco Campsite near Shivrajpur Vadodara

Source: Ketan I Mehta

16. Targol Eco Campsite, Jambughoda

Targol campsite is clubbed into Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary. View exact location at: https://goo.gl/maps/sVqjNEEGfXK2

Cover Photo Targol Eco Campsite Center In Jambughoda Gujarat 6

Location: Targol, In Jambughoda Sanctuary, Vadodara

Route–1 Vadodara – Halol – Pavagadh – Jambughoda.
On the way, just 5 kms away before you reach Zand Hanuman (Jambughoda), there is a diversion for Targol Eco Campsite for another 09 kms from this diversion.

Route-2 Vadodara – Waghodia – Totarmana – Ratanpur – Sagadra – Acchali & back.

Booking Contact:
Chief Conservator of Forest
Vadodara Division
Kothi Building, Behind Raopura Police Station
Raopura, Vadodara – 390001
Phone (0265) 2425136

Contact Person at the Campsite: Mr.Mahendra Baria 09979761250

More Info & Photos: Targol Eco Campsite in Jambughoda Gujarat

Source: Ketan I Mehta


This is the most comprehensive list I have prepared till the date! It took a lot of efforts to put all campsites together.

Liked? Disliked? Want some more information? Want to suggest?  Do drop a comment down. 🙂

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    (2) No mobile networks..
    (3) Rooms are comparatively nice/ok….
    (4) Lots of insects, creatures may come to your room…..huh….
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      I’ve been to Girnar/Junagadh area few weeks back.

      You can plan your hangout there.

      Places I’d suggest for 2-3 days:
      Junagadh City

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          Read more about the village at: Don Hill Station Ahwa

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