Featured Image - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Kilad Campsite Vansda : Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Kilad eco campsite is nature education center cum ecotourism site contained in Vansda National Park. The campsite is 2 km off Vansda – Waghai state highway, on the banks of Ambika river.

Along with the tag of campsite, Kilad also holds tag of nature education center. When I was in primary school, educational tour to Kilad were very frequent. I still remember fun moments we had in tents of Kilad during night! 😉

Kilad campsite is few km from where I live, Vansda town.

Entrance to KiladCheckpost - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Location & Geography of Kilad Campsite

Kilad is a small village, located on the edge of Vansda taluka. 4 km from Waghai town and 15 km from Vansda town, on Vansda Waghai road. Kilad is on the banks river Ambika. From the opposite side of banks, Dang district starts.

Ambika RiverAmibika River - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Kilad forms a part of Vansda National Park. Walk for 2 minutes and you’ll get feeling of real jungle.

Many tourists who plan to go to Saputara choose to stay here as the campsite is located enroute to Saputara hill station.

In fact, Waghai is entry point to the Dangs, so one can go to any place in Dangs or Maharashtra from Kilad without backtracking.

Up - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat


Kilad campsite is administered by ETDC – Eco Tourism Development Committee. Most of the works at campsites are locals, who are mostly friendly. (Given that you remain friendly with them :))

Kilad campsite is maintained very well. (December 2015)

No prior permission is needed to visit the site.  Though, for accommodation, prior booking via phone is must.

Row of plantsEntrance - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Best Time To Visit

After monsoon, October to February.

Even in summer, the atmosphere in Kilad Nature Center is pleasant.

Moreover, the place is not very much crowded. Makes it excellent destination to relax from city life.

No entry fee.

Relax…Waiting for Sunshine - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

How to Reach Kilad

Coming from Saputara:

After crossing Waghai town, you’ll pass from a bridge on Ambika river. Crossing the bridge, take left and continue. You’ll be at Kilad campsite in 5 minutes.

Water harvesting towersPath Leading To River - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Coming from Vansda:

After passing through the Vansda national park, you’ll see a board, ‘Welcome to Dang district.’ Take right and continue.

Sign boards are there to help navigate.

Water Harvesting Points - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Distance Matrix:

From To Distance in km / Approx time in hr
Mumbai Kilad Eco Campsite 280 km / 5 hrs
Ahmedabad Kilad Eco Campsite 350 km / 6 hrs
Surat Kilad Eco Campsite 110 km / 2 hrs
Valsad Kilad Eco Campsite 15 km / 30 min
Vadodara Kilad Eco Campsite 250 km / 4 hrs
Saputara Kilad Eco Campsite 60 km / 1.30 hrs

Kids playing cricketKids Playing Cricket - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Public Transportation

Take bus to Waghai, Ahwa or Saputara and drop off at Kilad village. Walk for half an hour and you’ll reach to Kilad.

If you’re coming via train, drop off at either Bilimora, Valsad or Surat. GSRTC buses can be easily availed.

Though, if you’re planning to explore Dang, then I would recommend private vehicle.

Wooden seatWooden Seat - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Facilities at Campsite

  • Orientation Centre (Which remains closed most of the time)
  • 4 Cottages
  • 10 Tented Accomodations with separate bathing & toilet facilites (If you’re planning to stay at Kilad campsite, book these)
  • 3 Huts
  • Separate Kitchen & Dining places (Food is available only on request.)
  • Nature Education Camp
  • Separate area for Campfire
  • Machaans for landscape & wildlife viewing

Untouched!Untouched Properties - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

There’s a fantastic 3 storey tree house built inside campus. I like it most.

Also, for photographers, this place has many scenes to offer.

Tents can accommodate 8-10 people easilyInside a tent - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Nature Education Center

As I mentioned at the start of this article, Kilad also organized nature education camps for schools and organizations. I attended several of them during school time and they are very informative!

These kind of camps have generally duration of 2 days and 1 night.

Introduction will be given here. Open school!Open Learning Space - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

On the day 1, nature and wildlife expert explains wildlife and jungles.

Night in tent. Plus campfire.

Day 2, in morning, guide leads into jungle and points out various animals and trees as we trek through.

View from tree houseFrom The Top - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat


In normal cases, food is not available at the campsite for individuals, for groups, you can order. Nearby town Waghai has good options for food.

CottagesAshok Rooms - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Food is organic and fair enough. Simple and best.

It’s always a good idea to call before you check-in to Kilad.

Elevated Patform - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Guide and Morning Trek to Girafalls

Guide is available at Kilad center for Rs. 50. Request him to arrange an early morning trek to to Gira falls.

Sure, it will break your legs but the experience will be worth! 🙂

GirafallView From Base - Girafalls Waghai, Dangs - Most Popular Waterfall On Way To Saputara, Dangs, Gujarat

Booking Accommodation at Kilad Campsite

During season, Kilad is mostly full.

You need to book via phone.

Main Walkway of Eco Tourism - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Contact Number of Kilad Campsite

I’ve several contacts of Kilad. Numbers in the bold are to be tried first for booking.

Mr Harishbhai:  +91 8758650555

Mr Madhubhai: +91 94277782712

Range Forest Office Vansda: 02630 230057

Forest Officer Mr. Garasia: +91 9428022415

Forest Ranger Mr. Joshi: +91 9426855593

Tents - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Nearby Places to Visit

More places at: Tourism Places in Dang

Other Campsites in Dang Area

More campsites at: List of campsites in Gujarat

Education Center - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Come this far? Nice to see you!

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  1. Sangeeta Avatar

    Hi Darpan,
    We plan to visit this Kilad Eco on Nov 12-13-14. Will it be easy to get a proper accommodation since I am travelling with my aged parents.
    Any idea about the tariff?

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    Manish patel

    Very good campsite in killad

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    Now new contact number for bookin
    Mr. Akib – +91 9601588575

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    Juzer Hafizji

    Please advise for booking of Kilad camp

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Please go through this blog to find contact information.

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    Always love to visit Nature.

    Really informative. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless you.

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      Good day!

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    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hi, na online booking ni facility available nathi. Call thi j thai sake. Emni contact details mara article ma mali raheshe.

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    Hitesh patel

    Hi Darpan,
    Hu surat thi chhu, mare dang , kilad farva mate aava nu 6, to tya room mate online booking thay 6.

  10. abhishek Avatar

    What are the charges to live in tent and cottages?
    what about charges for food for group of 6-8 people do they arrange everything dinner/lunch and breakfast?
    And can anyone share more information on jungle safari how it can be done?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hi Abhishek,

      Unfortunately, I’m not the official point of contact for the campsite.

      You’ll need to call them on contact number provided above in the article and they shall be able to help you out.

  11. Manish Avatar

    visited the camp last week, they have added a new attraction – Rope Way. The jungle safari is not to be missed. Star gazing can be added too. Needs a lot of improvement in lot of areas.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your experience Mr Manish. Can you please confirm which contact number worked for you?

      1. Manish Avatar

        Office – 02630230057 , Dineshbhai – 09824511561, Jayeshbhai – for food – 07698323344. Jayeshbhai will deliver food at room. You can also request Sandeep to keep the Canteen open

        1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

          Thank you very much, that helps a lot!

  12. EKTA PATEL Avatar


    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hey Ekta,

      Thanks a ton for sharing your experience. Glad that you had so much fun.

      Can I ask you for a favor? Can you please post here current contact number of the campsite representative. And also, if there’s anything discrepancy in the data listed above, feel free to send across the corrections.

      1. EKTA PATEL Avatar
        EKTA PATEL

        MR.HARISHBHAI: +91 8758650555
        MR.MADHUBHAI: +91 9427782712

        1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

          Thank you, that helps. 🙂

  13. Jayaman singh Avatar
    Jayaman singh

    Kindly share me the contact details for booking

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar


      Every contact number that I know of has been already listed here on this page. Please scroll up and you shall find the numbers above. You can also go through comments here.

      That’s all I have with me. I don’t have any secret treasure of contact numbers.

  14. Darpan Dodiya Avatar
    Darpan Dodiya

    A heads up about availability of accommodation at Kilad Campsite in monsoon season:

    Yes, the campsite is open and accommodation is available.

    Nevertheless, tent accommodation is not available due to rains. Only rooms are available. And yes, due to unreliable electricity, nights can be scary here if you’re not in group.

  15. PRATIK Avatar


    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Yes it is. Just yesterday, I saw some pictures of a trekking group at Kilad.

  16. SAURABH MODI Avatar

    Hi Mr. Darpan first of all thank you for all detailed information.

    I am planning to go dang on 2nd week of February for 6-7 days
    Please provide me itinerary for that if possible by you.

    I am interested for staying in campsite in devinamal , Kilad, Mahal campsites as well as saputara and anything else if it is there.

    also, please tell me how can I book this campsites.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hello Saurabh bhai! Somehow, I missed out to reply to your comment. My response time averages at 12 hours, in your case its 15+ days! 🙂

      In this season, I would not recommend to stay at Devinamal campsite.

      Rest, Kilad, Mahal, Saputara are fine.

      There’s also one Maa Shabari Resort, near Subir, Ahwa. You can stay there as well.

      For detailed list of all places: Places to Stay in Dang

      Information regarding booking of campsites has been detailed in their respective articles. You may visit individual articles and get it from there.

  17. Vaishali Avatar

    Departed for kilad
    Can we camp site hunt in kilad

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Sorry, didn’t get you..

  18. Aditya V J Avatar
    Aditya V J

    Hello darpan…
    M from solapur n planng to visit saputara this weekend for 2 days(group of 4)
    Can u please guide weather to stay at kilad campsite or mahal campsite…

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hello Aditya,

      Both campsites are good in my opinion.

      Try to get availability at both places, if you get to stay at Kilad, I’d recommend it. Many points of interests, such as:
      Vansda National Park
      Waghai Botanical Garden
      Gira Waterfall
      Janki Van
      Unai Hot Water Springs are reachable from Kilad. Also, for any need, you can go to nearby Waghai town. Mahal is quite far from any major township.

  19. Vinay Lankapati Avatar
    Vinay Lankapati

    Dear Darpan Dodiya making this wonderful & most informative website by you is great job…I am nature lover…I visit about 5 eco sites …& now I visit many u indicates in ur website…thanks alot…please update all information as possible….Thanking you..👌

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hello Mr. Vinay!

      Thanks a ton for your kind words. 🙂

      I’m a bit off from this blog since last 3-4 months due to other priorities.

      Next month on, I have decided to dedicate time on website.

      You may subscribe. Once done, you’ll get all updates in your email box.

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    Ramjibhai B.Moradiya

    Darpan Dodiya
    You have provide a very nice & a very good information which is very very helpful for booking accomodation as wel as arrange a tour for stay at Kilad Campsite.
    Thanking you & Regards.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Thank you very much Ramji bhai.

      Wish you a pleasant journey! 🙂

  21. vir Avatar

    Nice Blog!! very informative and helpful.

  22. Hemal Baraiya Avatar
    Hemal Baraiya

    If i want to visit Gira Falls, what would be ideal way to visit at weekends? should i stay at Surat and visit or this campsite would be better option? i’m planning to visit with family that s why i want to know best possible way with good enough facilities for family. 1 day is enough to visit waterfall. we are planning specially for it.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Kilad has good facilities.

      Try to get accommodation at the campsite, you’ll have good experience.

      Along with Gira Fall, you can visit Waghai Botanical Garden as well.

      Also as you’re coming from Surat, Janki Van will be on your way too. Though, it will be much crowded in weekends.

      1. Hemal Baraiya Avatar
        Hemal Baraiya

        Thanks for prompt reply…i will try to contact Kilad Campsite and if possible will try for booking as well….

  23. ARJUN SONI Avatar

    Hi Darpan,

    Very informative post.

    I am planning to visit it. I will be travelling from Nadiad through train.
    Just want to check what would be the better option- Bilimora to Waghai or Bilimora to Vansda. I would be using public transport.
    Any idea on Narrow Gauge Train running from Bilimora to Waghai?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hello Arjun!

      Narrow Gauge train departs from Bilimora at 10.15 AM and reaches Waghai at 1.30 PM. However, I don’t think March is good time to travel in narrow gauge due to heat. Train is snail slow (Never goes beyond 30 kmph). If you can bear a little temperature and speed, go for it.

      Narrow Gauge departs from same Bilimora Railway Station. You’ll get tickets on east-side ticket counter.

      As you might have seen on Maps, Vansda is middle point between Bilimora and Waghai. Buses run frequently on Bilimora – Vansda – Waghai route. Local jeeps too. If you’re coming by bus, you can drop off at Kilad village directly. If by train, then you’ll have to travel down to Kilad village.

      Feel free to ask if you want to anything else. 🙂

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