Featured Image - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat

Devinamal Campsite – Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat

Video of Padamdungari – a campsite an hour away from Devinamal

Devinamal Campsite is an Eco-tourism site located 5 km off from the Dang district headquarter, Ahwa. Placed amidst the dense jungles of the Dangs, Devinamal has emerged as fresh Eco-tourism center after Kilad and Mahal. Nature enthusiasts can stay in the tent like domes built by the forest department. The department also conducts educational sessions & camps for students after monsoon season.

Entrance on Ahwa - Saputara Road - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 12

Our visit to Devinamal was unplanned. It so happened that we (brother, mom, dad) saw a sign board of the campsite while driving on the Ahwa-Saputara state highway. We were headed for Anjani Kund, but wandering a new place could never be less exciting. Turned the steering clockwise and there we were…

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Wrong Time!

It was my 4th visit in the Dangs in the last 9 months. From the experience, I can say confidently that the best time to explore the area is monsoon.

Monsoon. Between July to November, with August being my personal favorite. I love the green shade of earth and light rain showers of August.

I checked-in in the middle of May. Surely a wrong time. Due to the scorching heat of summer, there was no one at the campsite. Yep, not a single person by chance. (Implicitly telling us that we could do anything of our choice! 🙂 )

Road Along The River- Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 13

Hence, the preferred time to visit the Devinamal campsite is after the monsoon season ends. Between October to January. You may question, why not monsoon? Because of the roads. No matter its XUV500 or the powerful CB200, the odds that the vehicle will tangle in muds are high.

Devinamal – Anatomy of the Name

As aforementioned, I didn’t meet anyone so this analysis of the name is certainly my self-made theory. Feel free to correct me in the comments.

Devinamal = Devi + Na + Mal

Devi – Goddess (or God) of the ethnic groups.
Mal – A place at higher altitude than its surroundings.

Devinamal – A raised area stationing the almighty.

Lane Entering The Site - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 7

Statues – Statues Everywhere

Reaching the place, I didn’t have to wonder why the campsite is called Devinamal. On the flat surface of the hill, there were colorful sculptures of:

Lord Shiva

God Goddess Rishi Muni Carvings - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 5

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman Statue - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 8

Kalika Mata
Lord Ram, Lakshman, Sita
Huge Serpent

Serpent Sculpture - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 6

I still marvel in the thoughts-land, why the serpent? Is it connected to Saputara, the abode of serpents? Well, who knows. Can you make a guess?

The Campsite

There are 4 notable structures:

A. Podium

Podium to Give Prominent View - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 2

B. Domes for overnight visitors (In my POV)

Featured Image - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat

C. Common hall for food, study session and meetings

Activity Hall - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 9

D. Canteen

Food & Accommodation

Don’t want to make guesses here. No details with me. 🙂

Inside the Podium - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 3

Contact of Devinamal Campsite and Further Information

For more information, you can contact the forest department via these lines:

02631 – 220246
02631 – 220343

A reminder, however, that these are government telephone lines. You may not get a response. Blame Modi? 😉

A View From The Top - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 4

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Why do I write?

Fun Time!
Fun Moments At Handpump - Devinamal Campsite - Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat - 1

All images by self and Kunj.

Now, it’s your turn to spread the words. Share -or- comment -or- give a smile and off. Your wish!

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16 responses to “Devinamal Campsite – Eco Tourism Center in Dang, Gujarat”

  1. Pooja Trivedi Avatar
    Pooja Trivedi

    Can you suggest which one should we go for – “Devinamal , kilad or Vishala eco “ we are a couple looking for peace and we love staying in nature 🙂

    1. Darpan Avatar

      Hi Pooja,

      I am afraid after moving to USA, I’ve been out of touch with all the campsites for so long that I do not have any idea about the current situation.

      If I have to take shot, I’d say definitely not Devinamal. It is likely to be a dead campsite by now.

      Kilad has fair chance of still being in operation.

  2. Sirish Avatar

    Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s hard to findd good quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I seriously apppreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  3. Dr SEJAL DALAL Avatar

    Very nice and informative webpage.Our family plans to go to Saputara on 4 and 5 November 2016.Already booked hotel. But we also wanted to stay in a nature camp for a day.
    I wanted your advice.Which one do you suggest? Let me inform you that we have two foreign nationals with us.
    Which one would give the best staying facilities?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar


      Dang is known for its natural beauty and greenery — which can be best enjoyed with nature camps. 🙂

      Saputara is a great destination as well.

      What suggest is to spend a night at one of the campsites, (Mahal/Kilad are my favorites) and one night at Saputara.

      Kilad has decent stay facilities as well food arrangements.

      Mahal lacks food.

    2. sandip Avatar

      how to booking tent

      1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

        Please go through the contact details provided above.

  4. BHARAT K SHAH Avatar

    wants information of places to visit in SAPUTARA AND DANG FOR ABOUT 5 DAYS FROM AHMEDABAD


    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar


      Mr. Jinesh Mehta from Jamnagar had followed below itinerary. Please have a look at it:

      25 Thursday સાપુતારાથી -અંજની પર્વત, દેવીનામાળ (કેમ્પ સાઇડ) આહવા થઇ ડોન સાંજે સાપુતારા

      26 Friday સાપુતારાથી – સબરી ઘામ, પંપા સરોવર, ગીરા ઘોઘ રીટર્ન સુબીર થઇ મહાલ કેમ્પ સાંજે સાપુતારા

      27 Saturday સાપુતારાથી- વઘઇ ગીરા ઘોઘ, બોટાનીકલ ગાર્ડન, કીલ્લાદ કેમ્પ સાઇટ સાંજે સાપુતારા

      28 Sunday સાપુતારાથી- આહવા થઇ પીંપરી થી કાલીબેલ થઇ માયાદેવી અને ત્યાંથી વ્યારા થઇ રાજપીપળા થઇ અમદાવાદ.

      1. Priyank Avatar

        એકદમ સરસ માહિતી ભાઈ

  5. dilip joshi Avatar
    dilip joshi

    Darpan ji really good information. this monsoon i will like to plan for this eco site.
    i visited wilson hill in saputara, and just this week visited at Dudhni lake near silvassa.

    send me your mob no so i like to have talk if you dont mind.

    thanks for your information.
    Dilip Joshi

  6. B J Lad Avatar
    B J Lad

    Still the site is not updated on Googlemaps

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Yes, you’re right.

      I just checked the status of submission and it shows:
      Pending, In Review.

  7. BJLad Avatar

    The place Devinamal is not been mentioned on Google map.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Oh, thanks for pointing out. I’d add the place very soon.

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