Featured Photo Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls Dharampur

Jodiya Waterfalls, Bilpudi, Dharampur

August 20, 2016

When I was preparing list of waterfalls in Gujarat, I came to know about Jodiya waterfalls, Bilpudi, Dharampur. At that time,  Bilpudi waterfalls were unknown to most people. Little did I know they would turn out as major attraction in monsoon 2016.

Bilpudi waterfalls are origin of Swargvahini River, which passes through Dharampur town.

Updating this article with good photos and more details to help out travelers.

Sunset ViewSunset View from Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls Dharampur

Quick Facts of Bilpudi Waterfalls

Location: 12 km from Dharampur, on Barumal Road, 2 km from main road

Water Flow: June – November Mid

Accessibility: Medium

Tourist Rush: High on Weekends, Less otherwise

Food: None

Reaching to Bottom: Possible

Driving Directions: Roads are single, yet to construct and muddy. Two opposite cars can’t pass at the same time. Cars can go upto a certain point, after that you have to walk to reach near falls. That walk in lap of nature will blow your mind with the smell of fresh air.

Parking space near Bhairav Nath TempleParking Space at Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls Dharampur

Dissecting Names of Jodiya Waterfalls

There are two waterfalls in that area. So they are called as Jodiya waterfalls.

One crashes from 30 feet. Another one is falling from 20 feet.

However, that’s a name given by tourists.

The waterfalls are otherwise originally known as Mavli Mata waterfalls.

First waterfall is called as, Sonajal Dhodh.

Second one is called as, Roopajal Dhodh.

Swargvahini river originates from here.Swargvahini River Starts from Here Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls Dharampur

Location and How to Reach

Mavli Mata waterfalls come under boundry of Bilpudi village.

Bilpudi is a small village, around 10 km from Dharampur town.

To reach Bilpudi, take route towards Wilson Hills (Barumal Temple). Drive for a km and then ask any local for route.

Sona & Roopa waterfalls are 2 km from main road. Do note that the road leading to Jodiya Waterfalls from main road is in pathetic condition. 

Unless you’ve 4 wheel drive vehicle, it will be a good decision to keep your vehicle behind and walk for 2 km.

Tourists showering under Jodiya fallsTourists enjoying shower under dhodh Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls Dharampur

Distance Matrix:

From To Approx distance in km/Time in hr
Dharampur Bilpudi Waterfalls 10 km / 15 min
Valsad Bilpudi Waterfalls 40 km / 1 hr
Navsari Bilpudi Waterfalls 70 km / 1 hr 30 min
Wilson Hills Bilpudi Waterfalls 25 km / 45 min
Surat Bilpudi Waterfalls 100 km / 2 hr 15 min
Mumbai Bilpudi Waterfalls 215 km / 4 hr

Long exposure shot by Bhupendra D TandelLong Exposure Photo from Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls Dharampur

Nearby Places to Visit

In monsoon season, Dharampur area gets covered by lush green color. As you’ll drive past Dharampur, you’ll see nothing in front of you but greenery.

From Bilpudi, one can get mind blowing views of Barumal Mahadev Temple, Mohangadh Dharampur. Some places to visit on your trip to Bilpudi waterfalls can be:

  • Mohan Gadh
  • Parnera Hills

Also checkout this travelogue: Monsoon Trip to Bildha Village

View of Dharampur town and Mohan GadhView of Dharampur town and Mohangadh from Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls Dharampur

This article is part of: List of Waterfalls in Gujarat

Photos taken from: https://www.facebook.com/Bilpudi-Mavli-Mata-Waterfalls-Hills-1028258153864439/

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    Check out this new post for list of all: Dharampur area waterfalls

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      On a side note, I just visited the website you’ve linked to, dakshinseva.in. My mom works at Umarkui Ashram Shala, one of the Ashrams run by the organization.

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      Here is Lat Long of a temple near the falls: 20.511879, 73.212399

      You can reach to either of waterfalls from this temple. You can drive your vehicle upto the temple as well.

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