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Polo Forest Ahmedabad – A Trip To North Gujarat Forests

Polo Monument and Vijaynagar forests is a scenic weekend destination from Ahmedabad. The lush green forests, ancient structures and quiet ambience all adds up for a relaxing trip.

Polo Forest, Abhapur was part of our 2 day trip to Idar.

Throughout 6th semester of B. Tech, Computer Engineering, DDIT, Nadiad, I never missed a chance to go on trip. Most of the trips were, however, of 1 day. Depart in morning and return by night.

After end of 3rd internal exam, I had a window of 2 days. Why not Polo Forest & Idar then? And there we were…


As this article is so loooong, listing down links to navigate quickly:

Harnav Dam Vanaj - Dam Near Vijaynagar Polo Forest Rest House, Idar Gujarat


The Squad

We were five. All travel freaks. Adaptable to any condition.

Bhavya Gandhi: Real follower of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles 🙂

Pramod Mali: From the great land of Kutch

Rahul Thakor: (Unknown) Writer ;). Here’s exploring “I” within me.

Smit Patel: (Nature) Lover 😉 and photographer.

Me: I’d tag myself as Batman. 😉

Pramod – Rahul – Darpan – Smit – BhavyaPolo Forest Idar Vijayanagar - 4


The Plan

There was no plan as such!

As I mentioned earlier, We didn’t plan for anything.

“Chalo, Polo Forest baaju farta aviye! Raat pade e pahela paccha avta rahisu..”

Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort


Starting Off

We stayed night at Idar and decided to leave for Polo forests in morning. Upon asking locals, we were informed that jeeps are available from Idar to Vijaynagar.

Polo campsite is few km before Vijaynagar.

As we didn’t make any plans, this is what we had as breakfast.

Polo Forest Idar Vijayanagar - 1

Yeah, Amul Ice cream as breakfast. We had no choice. It was tasty though. 🙂

We jumped into one of those jeeps leading to Vijaynagar. Journey from Idar to Polo forest takes around an hour.
The road to Vijaynagar was quite scenic.

Jeep will drop you herePolo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort


What Shall We Do

Driver halted jeep and informed us that Polo campsite has arrived.

We spent few minutes getting acquainted to area. Then we looked into each other’s blank faces, with the same burning question in mind: “Okay, so we are here at Polo forest. What next?”

No one of us had any answer.

No one was there nearby. We looked around Polo campsite, we failed to find any human being inside the campsite.

Though, a dog was there to welcome us!

Polo Forest Idar Vijayanagar - 5


Avoid Summer & Take Guide

We visited Polo forest and Idar in April. When Sun gets in full mood to burn everything on earth.

However, surprisingly, compared to Idar area, temperature of Polo forest area was bearable. Around 28-30 degree
Celsius. The atmosphere was pleasant too.

Personally, I suggest you to visit these forests in monsoon or post monsoon season.

See how the place changes between seasons.

During monsoon. Photo – Gujarat Tourism
Polo Forest Idar Vijayanagar - 2

Doctors recommend eating carrot to improve eye sight. I recommend observing greenery of Polo forest during monsoon to improve the same! 🙂

Talking about guide, it’s always a good idea to take one along with you. I heard good words about guide known as, Dalsukh. Catch him!

During summer it’s all yellowish brownPolo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort


Moving Ahead: Trekking

After wandering here and there for a while, we found a trail leading to hill. All we needed was something to start upon. We started trekking…

The trek wasn’t difficult. It needs no heroic physical fitness.

Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort

Trek is picturesque. You’ll climb hill. Descend to base again. You’ll cross a stream.

Stream, it had no water when we visitedPolo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort
And if you go in off season, you’ll be the only person doing all these! There’ll be no one around you.

Crossing the river, we saw an ancient temple from distance. Moving ahead…


Jain Temples at Polo Forest

The Jain Temples are believed to be built in 15th Century. Along with Jain Temples, one Shiva temple and one step well is also present nearby.

The monument is said to be protected by government, though, personally I feel that government should put more efforts for maintenance.

Jain temple
Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort

One thing that freaks me when I see such historical places is, names carved on monument by visitors. You know, the typical, Sanjay Loves Lila, kind of writings.

If you’re reading this, please don’t do it at any historical site! If we, the visitors show respect to the place, then we could certainly blame government for its negligence.

Shiva temple
Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort



Polo forest has many scenes to offer for photography. Along with forest and hills, it also has Harnav river in its offerings. Not to forget ancient temples and Harnav Dam site.

Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort

I mean, everything a photographer needs!

We called it a day with more than 3000 photos in our gallery! (No DSLRs 😀 , just phones)

The power pose
Polo Forest Idar Vijayanagar - 3


 To Harnav Dam Site

We spent a couple of hours at temple. Next stop we chose was Harnav dam site.

One can walk for an hour and reach to Harnav site from the Jain monuments.

You can follow: Our journey of Harnav here

Harnav Dam Vanaj - Dam Near Vijaynagar Polo Forest Rest House, Idar Gujarat


About Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest

Sounds fascinating till now? I’d list down details that can help you if you’re planning to visit Polo Forest, Idar / Vijaynagar area.

Polo, was once a gateway to Rajasthan. It was a hiding place for rulers, concealed from enemies, citizens and angry wives.

The name, Polo, is derived from pol, the Marwari word for “gate,” signifying its status as a gateway between Gujarat and Rajasthan.

View of surroundings from Jain monumentPolo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort

Officially, there are more than 450 species of medicinal plants, around 275 of birds, 30 of mammals, and 32 of reptiles.

During winter, all manner of migratory birds occupy the forest; during the rainy season there are wetland birds. Good site for bird watching!

Harnav river
Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort


Polo Forest Campsite

Forest department has set up a nature education camp site in the forests.

The Polo Camp site is located in Vijayanagar taluka of Sabarkantha districts and is near to Vanaj Forest area, Harnav River and Damsite.

A point to note, as it’s government entity, you may face hard time arranging accommodation and food.

Polo eco campsite
Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort


Apart from the places I mentioned above, there’s no hotel or restaurant in the Polo forest area. And that’s good in my opinion. Any tourist place is best enjoyable as long as it remains free from commercialization.

Polo campsite serves food, if you tell them in advance.

If I talk about us, we had this. We thought that we would get something to eat at Polo…but life isn’t fair always!

Amul to save us again..Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort


Location & How to Reach

If you’re coming from private vehicle, then there’s nothing better than Google Maps.

Distance Matrix

From To Distance in km / Approx. time in hr
Ahmedabad Polo Forest 150 km / 3 hr
Idar Polo Forest 35 km / 45 min
Himmatnagar Polo Forest 60 km / 1 hr 30 mins
Vadodara Polo Forest 250 km / 4 hr 30 mins
Rajkot Polo Forest 370 km / 6 hr 30 mins
Surat Polo Forest 400 km / 7 hr
Mumbai Polo Forest 670 km / 11 hr

Public Transportation:

Reach to Idar via bus. State transport has many buses.

From Idar to Vijaynagar, jeeps are frequent. Polo forest falls on the way to Vijaynagar.

Be sure to leave Polo forest before late evening, as you might not get any jeeps.

Via Train:

Not at all viable option.

Via Air:

Great option! I heard rumors that Mukesh Ambani’s son (Yes! The big one that we often see during IPL) once visited Polo forest in helicopter. You might want to try it out! 😀 😀

A view from window inside Jain templePolo Forest Idar Vijayanagar - 6


Extra Events

I recently came across these event on Internet.

The Impossible Race at Polo Forest: 17th – 20th March, 2016
Polo Forest MTB &
Polo Forest Road Biking

Very exciting!

Website: http://www.theimpossiblerace.com

The End

For us, unplanned trip to Polo forest turned out to an awesome adventure!

Special mention to last part of our journey, return to Idar from Polo, during which we sat on top of jeep! I still remember those mesmerising winds!

On the top
Polo Forest Vijaynagar, Idar Near Ahmedabad Gujarat - Hotel, Photography, Photos, Accommodation, Resort


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    Hello. Me and my husband are planning to go to polo forest in this month (august) along with our pet. So my concern is that is it safe to take pets in polo forest?? Please guide us.

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    Guess you are a full-time writer. Your writing style was fluid and interesting.Was just looking for details on polo forest and bumped into your blog accidentally.
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    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Oh thanks! I’d call myself a full-time Software Engineer though. These days I don’t write much frequently.

      Have a great trip!

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    Thanks a lot Darpan for reply.

    Yes, updated url are as under

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    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      This is definitely a great resource. I loved reading the intricate details of the place.

      Thanks a lot for sharing it!

  5. નિમિષ Avatar

    very nice and full of information blog.
    let me answer few questions which I found above.
    1) U can stay at Polo resort the details of which you will find online.
    2) Guide can be arranged by Hotel only if you request them.
    3) The journey with local guide will add more flavor to the beautiful journey
    I have a gujarati blog site,
    about Polo forest post will come in few days if anyone wants to know more about it can read it. Again a very nice blog. appreciated

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Thanks a lot Nimish bhai for the information.

      Since this post has been more than 3 years old now, I do feel the content might be irrelevant now.

      Thanks for providing link to your blog. I get an error when I try to open it. Can you please have a look and respond back with updated URL? Thanks!

  6. Shreya Mishra Avatar
    Shreya Mishra

    Hey Darpan, I got to know about this place recently. I wanted to know if there is any provision for accomodation in polo forest? Or one has to return to the main city? Guides r available?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      HI Shreya,

      I believe there’s a resort by the name of Polo Forest Resort or similar.

      I’m not sure about guides are it’s been a while since I’ve been to Polo Forest.

  7. Gurdeep Avatar

    We visited Polo Forrest last Sunday, And you will not believe me in this rainy season it was full crowded place.
    So much crowd was there even we had to face the parking problem.
    Some local there advised to not visit polo Forrest on week ends.
    Its okay if you are visiting there on normal days.
    But Saturday Sunday OMG…..!
    BTW nice post Buddy 🙂

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hey Gurdeep,

      Thanks for dropping a note.

      Indeed surprising to hear your experience. But then again, to think of it, there are like two possible places for weekend gateaway close to Ahmedabad –
      1. Polo Forest
      2. Mount Abu

      Since Polo Forest is closer, people tend to get attracted.. 🤔

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    We group of 7 people are planning for similar one day trip to polo forest from ahmedabad , ? please kindly let me know how much does local guide charge for a day? and how to book one?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hello, the guide charge is season and availability dependent. It could range anywhere from 200-500.

      Unfortunately, I don’t happen to have contact number.

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    Vivekkumar Parmar

    We are in group of 3. Should we go their by public transport or through any travel agency?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      1. Are you fine with walking?
      2. Do you like adventures?
      3. Do you have time?

      If your answer to above questions is yes, then go by public transport.

      Else choose travel agency.

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    Towelroot Apk

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    hello Darpan,
    i am here to inform you that Polo Retreat is now having its two main branchs in polo forest.
    One with Cottages and one with Tents. So you are requested to make sure you make change in hotel section.
    1) Polo Retreat Cottage
    2) Polo Retreat Tents

    For more info call 09558812369

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      We weren’t lucky enough to have tea though. 😛

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    Dear Darpan,
    Thank you for all information but I am little bit confused for stay @polo forest campsite.

    contact Nos. what you have provided they are transferring to tent city(may be governed by pvt. officials as rates are quite high). On other places I read that you can book from himmatnagar forest dept.

    Kindly suggest something to book this forest campsite.

    Thank you

    So, what to do for booking?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Contact number of forest department has been mentioned in the article.

      Please contact them to book the campsite.

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    Very insightful and well articulated Darpan

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      Thanks a lot Naveen! 🙂

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    Dear Darpan (Batman),

    Thanks for the information. 🙂

    Can you provide me contact no. of Dalsukh or any other local guide who can guide us for trekking in for forest?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Thanks Sid!

      I don’t have contact of Dalsukh, however there’s one more guide which I know of:

      Naresh Katara: +91 94293 29748

      He can definitely help..

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    Is there any scope of spotting a wild animal? Probably leopard or a sloth bear ?

  24. S R Vaishnav Avatar
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    I have come across from one of my friend who happen to go near polo forest. I am planning to visit polo forest. I would like to know from you whether it is advisable to go one or two persons to this forest? Is there any fear or anticipated problem if go alone or two?
    Can you advise me?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hello Mr. Vaishnav,

      We were 5 people.

      Throughout our stay at Polo Forest, I didn’t encounter any safety related problems. Even in case of solo travel, I don’t see any safety issues in that area. The forest ain’t so dense. You’re good to go! 🙂

      Ps. Take ample amount of food and water with you. This time is tourist season so you will get food there but just in case..

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      You’re most welcome Hardik! 🙂

      Hope you have great holidays! If possible, do share some photos of your trip and your experiences. 🙂

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    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hello Sanket,

      I’ve listed down all contact numbers that I have with me in this article. Rest, I don’t have.

      Unfortunately, I cannot help you with planning. I’m a traveler like you and I don’t book/plan trips. Rest of the details, can be found in this post itself.

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    how to book?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hi, Raj.

      Please scroll up the post and you shall find all information of Polo Forest.

  33. tkannar Avatar

    Great post bro, If we are visiting polo forest with family, what are the stay options available there??

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      You can avail homestay there. Call/message on +91 94295 64808 for pricing, bookings and more details.

      Other options are,

      Polo Campsite
      Polo Retreat Resort, Abhapur, Gujarat (It’s closed now as reported by one visitor.)
      Ambika Exotica Resort
      Forest Rest House Vanaj
      Kadoli Farms

  34. Vijayanand Avatar

    Hi Darpan your review was very good about the places. can u please suggest me some places in gujarat around 200kms from ahmedabad which can be visited during month of june.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Thanks Vijayanand.

      Choice of place depends on your taste,

      If you’re more of Nature person, you should hold on for a couple of weeks and wait for some rain sessions. In start of July, fresh greenery would give your eyes a great sight.

      You can visit Jambughoda area and stay at campsite. There’s also Rajpipla jungles. If you can stretch upto 350km, then Dang area would be the best bet.

      If you like history and architecture, Lothal, Modhera and Patan are good destinations.

      You can also try hill stations.

      And well, Polo Forest, Vijayanagar & Idar are always good places.

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    Hi Darpan,

    Nice update on POLO JUNGLE.

    Guide us.
    We want to have a picnic sort of program from Gandhinagar.
    Family with kids from age 8 to 20 years.

    What preparations on food and safety we need to make and what to be careful about?

    Please revert.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar


      Thank you.

      So far I know, there are no wild animals in Polo Forest. You can be carefree regarding the same.

      If your picnic is of single day, I recommend you to take food from home. If you’re staying overnight there, you should contact Polo Campsite officials and ask them regarding food.

      Polo Forest is otherwise considerably safe place. I don’t think any extra measures of safety are required.

      I will email you if anything else comes to my mind.

      Happy Journey!

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  38. Polo Forest Homestay Avatar
    Polo Forest Homestay

    We are starting homestay in Polo forest. Call on +91 94295 64808 for bookings and information.

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    as you said, you also visited idar and vanaj dam along with polo forest. how many days are required to cover all places?

    i’m coming from ahmedabad.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      So far I believe, two days are sufficient to cover Polo Forest and Idar.

      On Day 1, you can leave from Ahmedabad on morning and spend entire day in Idar. By evening, you can reach Polo Forest from Idar and stay overnight.

      Day 2, Polo area and Vanaj Damsite. By Day 2 night, you can return to Ahmedabad.

  40. Sahil Raj Avatar
    Sahil Raj

    Hey Darpan!

    I want to plan a trip to Polo Forest in next month. What do you suggest, public or private transportation?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hi Sahil!

      I would rather suggest you to postpone your plan by a month and visit Polo in June. During monsoon.

      Both modes are fine in my opinion. It won’t be the case that you’d left behind alone in forests without any mode of transportation. 😛

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    The most detailed article of Polo Forest I found on internet. This would surely help me plan my trip to Idar & Polo Forest Vijaynagar in next monsoon!

    Thanks Darpan!

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      Cheers! Happy journey! 🙂

  42. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

    Since this Polo Forest post started getting a lot of traction, I received few emails asking whether to go Polo Forest now in summer or not.

    My take is:
    Beauty of Polo Forest is best enjoyed in monsoon and post monsoon. So the BEST time to visit is monsoon.

    Same time, it ain’t like you absolutely shouldn’t go in summer.

    Yes, if you’re tired of hotshot city life and want to have serenity and fun — go ahead visit Polo!

    Yes, if you want to take a break — go ahead visit Polo!

    Yes, you’ve bought new phone, new DSLR and want to take photo that could be your next profile picture — go ahead visit Polo!

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      You’re most welcome rider! 🙂

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