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Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Dang, Gujarat

Purna is part of the Dangs district

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is dense forest in North Dang forest range. Also known as PWS, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is spread between Vyara, Tapi and Ahwa, Dang district. Purna Sanctuary is second protected area in South Gujarat after Vansda National Park.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is also popular among bird watchers. To promote Purna sanctuary as a bird watching site, recently Dang Bird Festival was organized at Mahal Campsite, in Purna Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sign board at Ahwa, on Ahwa – Mahal road
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What Exactly Is Purna Wildlife Sanctuary For A Traveler

So you’re a traveller and want to visit Purna Wildlife Sanctuary in Dang. Great!

First and foremost, let me tell you what the wildlife sanctuary is for a regular traveler.

More often than not, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is used for Mahal Eco Tourism Campsite. The reason is, Mahal is the largest village in Purna Sanctuary. Forest department has set up Mahal Campsite and Nature Education Center in Mahal village.

Thus, if you’re visiting Mahal Campsite, technically, you’re visiting Purna Wildlife Sanctuary. And vice versa. 🙂

Purna riverPurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 7

In a nutshell, for traveler, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is more or less equal to Mahal Campsite and its nearby area.

About Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary derives its name from river Purna. Purna river flows through the sanctuary. The river flows by Mahal Campsite too.

The area, spreader over 160 sq km was declared as protected sanctuary in 1990. In South Gujarat, PWS is second to be declared as protected area after Vansda National Park.

The sanctuary has thick forest cover of teak and bamboo. Mahal forest, Dangs is undoubtedly one of best forests in Gujarat area.

Woods trail that leads to thick forests near Mahal CampsitePurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 3

Flora & Fauna

There are about 700 species of plants and trees in Purna Wildlife Sanctuary.

Some of the wild animals found here are leopard, rhesus macaque, bonnet macaque, common mongoose, Indian civet cat, Indian porcupine, four-horned antelope, barking deer, sambar, chital, hyena, and jungle cat.

Although we didn’t get to see birds nearby, there were plenty of helicopter damselflies nearby. BTW, they are called Pseudostigmatidae technically!Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 2

Between 1999 and 2003, 139 bird species were recorded here. Some of the birds found here are common grey hornbills, grey jungle fowl, barbets, woodpeckers, shrikes, leafbirds, bee-eaters, flycatchers, and raptors.

As recorded in 2000-2001 the sanctuary is home for 116 species of spiders.

Source: Wikipedia

Tents for accommodation in Mahal CampsitePurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 4

Best Time to Visit

Post monsoon season (October to February) is the best to visit Purna Wildlife Sanctuary.

A good thing about Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is that, it is mostly less crowded. Oftentimes while driving to Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, you’d not see any vehicle for kilometers.

That makes Purna Wildlife Sanctuary an excellent place for relaxation from busy and noisy city life. (Surat!)

Local tribe – known also as AadivasiPurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 15

How to Reach

Google Maps is your best guide. Search for Mahal, Dang and you shall find your way.

Bridge over Purna river at Mahal villagePurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 10


From To Distance in km / Approx Time in hr
Surat (via Vyara) Purna Wildlife Sanctuary 120 km / 2 hr
Surat (via Ahwa) Purna Wildlife Sanctuary 150 km / 3 hr
Ahmedabad Purna Wildlife Sanctuary 360 km / 6 hr
Mumbai Purna Wildlife Sanctuary 250 km / 4.5 hr
Valsad Purna Wildlife Sanctuary 120 km / 2.5 hr
Vansda Purna Wildlife Sanctuary 60 km / 1.5 hr

Road from Ahwa to Mahal, which disunite Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is picturesquePurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 6

I would not recommend transportation via Bus or Train. They are not at all feasible.
I don’t find any reason why would anyone visit Dang forests via Air. 😀

Nearby Attractions

Food and Accommodation

There are couple of hotels in Mahal Village. Food inside Mahal Campsite isn’t available. You can cook food on your own however.

Hotel (or say resort!) in Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, in Mahal village, outside Mahal campsitePurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 9

Tents and cottages are present in Mahal Campsite.

Visit this article for booking details and contact number: Contact Details

Nagli biscuits in Mahal Campsite. They are tasty and have super energy!Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 5

Entry Fees & Timings

Mahal Campsite & Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is open days a week.

Timings are dependent on Sunlight condition, normally, 9 PM to 6 PM.

Entry Fees – For One Day

Type Fees
Per Individual ₹ 20
Car / Jeep (Up to 6 Person) ₹ 200
Mid-size Vehicles: ₹ 500
Bus ₹ 1750
Guide ₹ 300

Film & Photography Fees – For One Day

Type Charge
Still Camera ₹ 50
Non Professional Photography / Video ₹ 500
Professional Feature Film ₹ 500 (Deposit: ₹ 5000)
Professional Documentary ₹ 200 (Deposit: ₹ 15000)

Entry and photography feesPurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 8

Contact Number

All the contact details can be found at: Mahal Campsite Contact Number

Bbye! 🙂Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 1

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26 responses to “Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Dang, Gujarat”

  1. Ronak Patel Avatar
    Ronak Patel

    Hello Sir,
    i am from vadodara and planning to visit Purna wildlife sanctuary on 31st Jan and 1st Feb 2021. can you pls suggest accommodation for 2 couple and one kid of 3yrs.


  2. Rujal Avatar

    Your blog is awesome. Is there safari jeep or just private vehicle to watch sanctuary.

    1. Darpan Avatar

      Thanks, I do not know if there’s Safari available. I remember it used to be available at Vansda National Park.

  3. Viji Avatar

    I read both your blogs on vansda sanctuary and purna sanctuary. Thanks for so much info. Is purna also close post june 15 like mentioned in vansda?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Probably, although I don’t feel I have updated knowledge of Dangs area now since I was out in Hyderabad and now in USA. Please try to find alternate data source.

  4. anand Avatar

    are motorcycle allowed in the sanctuary.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Yes they are.

      I remember that for jungle Safari at Vansda National Park, only enclosed 4 wheeler is permitted.

      Apart from the Safari, I don’t think there’s any restriction.

  5. A Patel Avatar
    A Patel

    can we cook non-veg food there?

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      I doubt that. Most probably, they won’t allow it.

      To confirm, please call the forest department officials.

      1. A Patel Avatar
        A Patel

        What a quick response. Thanks a lot!

        1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

          You’re welcome anytime 🙂

  6. ashish vyas Avatar
    ashish vyas

    Really helpful. Else most of the sites, including the likes of Trip Advisor, don’t have such a detailed information.

    Thanks a ton

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Glad to read your thoughts. 🙂

      I’m always open for suggestions/feedback to improve this website. Do let me know if you’ve something in mind.

  7. Amit Avatar

    How to book Mahal campsite please give any contact number for booking.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Please find the details in this article: Mahal Campsite Booking


    Thanks Darpan, your information was valuable, I’m planning to visit Saputara during Diwali this year and would like to visit Purna. I’m am a wild life enthusiast more than a bird watcher so would like to spot a Lepord.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Glad to see my blog being helpful! 🙂

      Spotting Leapord is hard these days.. I haven’t heard any stories of people spotting leopards.

      They choose to stay areas deep in the jungle. Areas which aren’t accessible by humans.

  9. Arpit Avatar

    Thanx Darpan for this usefull information…soon, I am planning for a tour for this place with family. Infact your information motivated me little bit. Thank you

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Pleased to hear that Arpit. Wish you joyful journey!

  10. sudhir Jani Avatar
    sudhir Jani

    I would like to talk. I know this is not right season to enjoy rains in Dang.
    I am planning to visit for 4 days starting from tomorrow to dang.
    Please suggest some places or good contact who will help me to explore Dang forest.
    I am nature lover and want to travel away from public places.

    I have my car. i am travelling with my Family.
    Your information are very useful have noted.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      I have no idea about guides for Dang forest tour.

      You can read this article: List of Tourist Places in Dang. I’ve listed almost all destinations with photos and details. It’ll help you plan your itinerary.

      On a side note, don’t worry, August is definitely a good month to enjoy monsoon in Dangs.

      Happy Journey!

  11. Deepak Phadke Avatar
    Deepak Phadke

    Dear Darpan
    Nice information, we plan to visit purna sanctuary , mahal campsite on 18th 19th of aug this year
    In mahal campsite is food available ?
    Is it possible to stay in purna sanctuary & is food available there ?
    Does forest dept arrange any tour in sanctuary or provide guide to do so like in gir
    We r starting from Anklshvar & want to stay 1 night in purna or mahal as per convenient
    so can we add any more points in sight seeing like any water fall or don hill station ?
    Is this area safe for family to take with ?
    I think I stretched bit longer but request u to guide us
    We r by heart nature lovers ,
    Till date I have visited jambughoda, zarvani , junaraaj , vishal khadi & experience was awesome

    Hope u to help me

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar


      Mahal campsite is part of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary. No if you want to stay in Purna Sanctuary, then you’ll have to stay at Mahal. Both refer to same campsite.

      In Mahal, food is not provided. You can, however, take your own utensils and cook your own food. It will be fun! There are some hotels in the village nearby, 5 km from Mahal where you can have some simple food.

      No, forest department does not have any guided tour. I wish they start soon!

      Don Hill Station is far from Mahal. Instead, you can cover:
      Shabari Dham
      Pampa Sarovar
      Girmal Waterfalls

      on your trip.

      Yes, the area is safe. Many families have stayed over there.

      Glad to see your message. I hope I have answered all your queries. 🙂

  12. Dancome Avatar

    Hello ~ Awesome article ~ Thanks

  13. Saheb Sen Avatar
    Saheb Sen

    Hi Darpan, thanks for the details. We are planning to visit Purna & Vansda during May. I know its hot at that time, but more chances to see wildlife at that time usually :-).
    As you have mentioned in Vansda article that for sighting wildlife one has to be extremely lucky, could you please provide something for Purna. Just wanted to know if sightings are normal, as we will be coming from Pune. Every site has list of animals same as wiki…If you could help that would be great.

    1. Darpan Dodiya Avatar

      Hi Saheb!

      Case of Purna is same as Vansda.

      Interested in bird watching? At both Purna Sanctuary and Vansda National Park, you’ll get to see birds.

      Want to see wildlife as in Leopard or Python wandering on roads/nearby you? Well, good luck! Sightings are not so usual.

      Most of the sites are copy-paste. They write articles without ever visiting the place so don’t believe in them or in their wiki.

      Vansda National Park has Kilad campsite as accommodation option.

      Whereas at Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, you can stay at Mahal Campsite for couple of days and go for trekking.

      Also, if you plan to go Purna, don’t miss Shabari Dham. The peak has pleasant atmosphere even in summers.

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